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Examples of "stollberg"
Stollberg was an "Amt" ("collective municipality") in the district of Nordfriesland in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It was situated on the North Sea coast, approximately 25 km northwest of Husum. Stollberg was named after the hill Stollberg, at 44m above sea level the highest in Nordfriesland. Its seat was in Langenhorn. In April 2008, Stollberg was merged with the "Amt" Bredstedt-Land and the town Bredstedt to form the "Amt" Mittleres Nordfriesland.
On the Stollberg is a 139 metre high transmission tower (standard tower) belonging to Deutsche Telekom.
PTF's headquarters are in Stollberg, Germany with subsidiaries in Jena, Germany and Suzhou, China.
The stretch of road between Chemnitz and Stollberg was upgraded to a Chaussee in 1823.
The "Amt" Stollberg consisted of the following municipalities (with 2005 population in brackets):
She grew up in Stollberg, and at 10 years old joined the Youth Theater.
Ministry for the Environment, Nature and Forests: The Stollberg Nature Experience Site
The Bundesstraße 169 runs through the municipal area. The nearest Autobahn interchanges, with Bundesautobahn 72, are in Hartenstein and Stollberg.
In the vicinity of the hill is the Stollberg spring, which was considered holy in earlier times.
Sven Beuckert (born 12 December 1973 in Stollberg, Saxony) is a former German football goalkeeper who currently is working at his former club MSV Duisburg as goalkeeping coach.
Rudolph Ackermann (20 April 1764 in Stollberg, Electorate of Saxony – 30 March 1834 in Finchley, London) was an Anglo-German bookseller, inventor, lithographer, publisher and businessman.
The district was established by merging the former districts of Annaberg, Aue-Schwarzenberg, Stollberg and Mittlerer Erzgebirgskreis as part of the district reform of August 2008.
Stollberg is a town in the Free State of Saxony, in the district Erzgebirgskreis. It is situated 20 km east of Zwickau, and 17 km southwest of Chemnitz.
Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger (born 17 July 1955 in Bergisch Gladbach) is a German historian. She studied German language and literature, history and history of art at the University of Cologne, graduating in 1980 and earning a doctorate in 1985. She habilitated at the University of Cologne in 1995. In 1997, Stollberg-Rilinger followed a call from the University of Münster, where she holds the chair of Early Modern History.
1955 he published with "Sturm auf Stollberg" ("Storming of Stollberg") his first narrative. 1957/58 he visited the Institute for Literature „Johannes R. Becher“. From 1959 until 1961 he was editor of the satirical magazine „Eulenspiegel“. Afterwards he worked in Berlin as freelancer. 1973 he became a member of the GDR's Writer Union and was belonging to its presidium since 1978. 1980 he joined the GDR PEN centre. His grave is located on the Dorotheenstadt cemetery in Berlin.
He became a member of the German Communist Party in July 1945 after attending a short course at the anti-fascist school in Rüdersdorf. In 1946 and has been a member of Socialist Unity Party (SED). Rentzsch served as the mayor of the city of Stollberg / Erzgeb. from 1945 to 1947 and from 1947 to 1948 he was the chief administrator of the district Stollberg.
Aue-Schwarzenberg is a former district in the Free State of Saxony, Germany. It was bounded by (from the south and clockwise) the Czech Republic and the districts of Vogtlandkreis, Zwickauer Land, Stollberg and Annaberg.
Zwönitz is a town in the district Erzgebirgskreis, in the Free State of Saxony, Germany. It is situated 9 km south of Stollberg, and 24 km southwest of Chemnitz.
"St. Egidien" station was opened on 15 November 1858. Since 1879 the station has also been the terminus of the Stollberg–St. Egidien railway, which have been operated by diesel City-Bahn Chemnitz services since its modernisation.
Thalheim is a town in the district Erzgebirgskreis, in the Free State of Saxony, Germany. It is situated 5 km east of Stollberg, and 16 km south of Chemnitz.