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strlen              printf              sprintf              strncpy              scanf              fprintf              memset              stdcall              parseint              strcmp              gettext              cstring              fwrite              invokestatic              argv              thefunction              invokevirtual              sscanf              gettype              arglist              lpcwstr              variadic              lpvoid              executequery              memcpy              getprocaddress              invokespecial              setattribute              uint              pvoid              myfunction              nsstring              loadlibrary              winapi              myfunc              getstring              concat              fread              unescape              cdecl              xmlquery              readfile              helloworld              getname              getattribute              getvalue              getdata              dlsym              wchar              defun             

Examples of "strcat"
The matrix chain multiplication problem generalizes to solving a more abstract problem: given a linear sequence of objects, an associative binary operation on those objects, and a way to compute the cost of performing that operation on any two given objects (as well as all partial results), compute the minimum cost way to group the objects to apply the operation over the sequence. One somewhat contrived special case of this is string concatenation of a list of strings. In C, for example, the cost of concatenating two strings of length "m" and "n" using "strcat" is O("m" + "n"), since we need O("m") time to find the end of the first string and O("n") time to copy the second string onto the end of it. Using this cost function, we can write a dynamic programming algorithm to find the fastest way to concatenate a sequence of strings. However, this optimization is rather useless because we can straightforwardly concatenate the strings in time proportional to the sum of their lengths. A similar problem exists for singly linked lists.