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Examples of "streetlamp"
On March 4, 2012 at 6:49 p.m., CET aired its first live high definition pledge break from its studio, around the concert program "Under the Streetlamp".
To support the its green initiatives, Sanford has added five electric car charging stations. The city is proposing to replace streetlamp bulbs with LED lights.
The neighbourhood contains a mixture of land-uses. The main thoroughfare of Bloor Street consists almost exclusively of mixed-use residential and commercial buildings. The Bloorcourt Village BIA posts its streetlamp banners on Bloor between Dufferin and Montrose.
The fragments of Harker's bust are in the front garden of an empty house up the street. Obviously the burglar wanted to see what he was doing, for there is a streetlamp here, whereas the bust could have been broken at another empty house nearer Harker’s, but it had been dark there.
Jean-Claude Irvoas (1949–2005) was a French employee of a street furniture firm. On 27 October 2005, the day the 2005 Paris suburb riots started, he died when being beaten by a group of youths in Épinay, after he tried to get back his camera the youths just robbed. Irvoas had been photographing a streetlamp for his company catalog.
Streetlamps are designed to illuminate the surrounding area at night, serving not only as a deterrent to criminals but more importantly to allow people to see where they're going. The colour of streetlamp bulbs differ, but are generally white or yellow.
In its fight against light pollution, CieloBuio has as a reference model to support and promote the law of the Lombardy region n. 17/2000, in all its forms and extensions. This law is based on the criterion of "zero pollution", according to which, with very few exceptions, no streetlamp can send light above the horizontal plane.
Brandon Wardell (born March 25, 1975 in High Point, North Carolina) is an American actor, producer, musician. He is currently touring the U.S. with Under the Streetlamp, a doo-wop quartet, alongside former cast members of the Tony Award-winning musical Jersey Boys.
A rider in a gas mask on an armored horse charges, wielding a sledgehammer. He lassos a rioter, hanging him from a streetlamp. Trip throws a brick at the rider, who gives chase. Trip loses the doll, but escapes through a wall of rioters, surging into Cyanide.
Brandon lives in South Carolina with his daughter and wife, actress and producer, Sarah Glendening and divides his time between touring Nationwide performing with Under The Streetlamp; Producing Theatre, Film, TV and Music projects; and developing a multitude of projects as an Actor, Musician, Producer, and Engineer.
Momma's Grizzly Grub is from Wasilla, AK and serves homestyle comfort food dishes. Momma's Grizzly Grub was penalized $250 in week four in Fayetteville, AR because they broke a streetlamp; they barely survived elimination as a result. Momma's Grizzly Grub was eliminated in week five in Nashville, TN after they parked at a cupcake shop and could not get any business; they had to scramble to find customers.
The Happy Go-Round Playset features a dazzling three-car carousel. The cars in question are Bugabouts (similar to Tickle Pinkle's car, but in different colors), which are connected to the central umbrella support by a three-way axle, so that all the cars rotate around the wobbly platform at once. The Set also includes an extra-large Playland Mat, a Magic Bridge Clip, a streetlamp, a fence, an Upsy Downsy Daisy, and most importantly, exclusive Upsy patrons Foozie Woozie and Tingle Dingle.
Rembrandt Peale incorporated the Gas Light Company of Baltimore on June 17, 1816 after having exhibited gas lighting at his Holliday Street museum; this was the first gas company in the Americas. The first streetlamp installed by the Gas Light Company of Baltimore stood at the corner of North Holliday and East Baltimore streets and was lit on February 7th, 1817. By February of 1818, only 28 gas-lit lamps existed. The Belvidere Theatre became the first public building to be lit using gas and by 1870, the company had 15,301customers in Baltimore.
For Valentine’s Day 2011, the museum sponsored an event encouraging people to hang a padlock on the railings around the building after inscribing the name of their loved one on it. Then they took the key they locked it with and placed it in the museum’s antique mailbox after giving it a kiss. The idea was inspired by the Italian movies Tre metri sopra il cielo and Ho voglia di te where young lovers hung similar locks on a streetlamp and the threw the keys in the Tiber River. The act became popular in parts of Europe with locks being seen in various countries.
At the end of "Welcome to the Hellmouth", Luke flings Buffy into a stone coffin and it looks as though he is going to kill her. At the beginning of "The Harvest", she escapes. When Buffy and Luke meet again for a fight to the finish at The Bronze, she defeats him using subterfuge: she breaks a window that had been painted over, admitting the light of a streetlamp, which Luke momentarily mistakes for sunlight, distracting him long enough for Buffy to stake him.
The Funny Feeder is the Downsy Land Hamburger Stand. The strange contraption features a spring-loaded tongue sticking out of its huge, grinning mouth (the better to toss plastic hamburgers towards customers with). The Feeder is manned by Downsy cook Short Order and Gooey Chooey, who has been characterized as either Short Order's waitress, or his best customer, or possibly BOTH (the books were kinda vague). The Set came with an over-sized Playland Mat, a Magic Bridge Clip, a fence, a streetlamp, a Billboard (Advertising "Downside-Up Burgers"), a serving tray, and three of the afore-mentioned burgers, ready for launching.
Both Seger's studio and live versions of "Turn the Page" feature a mellotron and a saxophone part played by founding Silver Bullet member Alto Reed. Tom Weschler allegedly helped inspire Reed to create the opening melody. During recording, Weschler told Reed: "Alto, think about it like this: You're in New York City, on the Bowery. It's 3 a.m. You're under a streetlamp. There's a light mist coming down. You're all by yourself. Show me what that sounds like." With that, Reed played the opening melody to "Turn the Page".
The leading Cubist architects were Pavel Janák, Josef Gočár, Vlastislav Hofman, Emil Králíček and Josef Chochol. They worked mostly in Prague but also in other Bohemian towns. The best-known Cubist building is the House of the Black Madonna in the Old Town of Prague built in 1912 by Josef Gočár with the only Cubist café in the world, Grand Café Orient. Vlastislav Hofman built the entrance pavilions of Ďáblice Cemetery in 1912–1914, Josef Chochol designed several residential houses under Vyšehrad. A Cubist streetlamp has also been preserved near the Wenceslas Square, designed by Emil Králíček in 1912, who also built the Diamond House in the New Town of Prague around 1913.
Following Saturday to 8 September is called "Sábado de Faroles". (The Saturday of torchs or lanterns made of wood). During the night there is the "Desfile de Faroles", a big parade where each competing "peña" (crew or team) carries a "farol" (which is somewhat bigger than a common streetlamp). Each side of the "farol" is painted with typical images about Tordesillas and about the festivities. Crews, accompanied by brass bands, take part in the parade carrying their "faroles", along the streets of the village. The crew judged to have the most beautiful farole is awarded a prize.
In 1993, Pickett whilst attending meetings in Germany, was approached by pop impresario/ promoter, Rainer Haas with a view to reform the original line-up of Sailor; Georg Kajanus, Grant Serpell, Henry Marsh and himself to perform a series of concert tours throughout Germany and Austria. Upon agreement to the generous terms negotiated by Pickett, the band were immediately signed up by Haas to play 100 concerts during 1993–94 and performed their music to bigger audiences than in their entire hit-making career throughout the early to mid-1970s. Sailor were unique amongst their erstwhile contemporaries for (a) being a 100% original line-up and, (b) for recording two new contemporary hits in Benelux and Germany in the 1990s – "The Secretary" and "La Cumbia" (These tracks were recorded on an earlier recording project for BMG on two albums, "Sailor" and "Streetlamp" for which Kajanus composed all the material, as in earlier years a pre-condition of his involvement in recording).