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Between 1983 and 2004, FOPA published the magazine "FREI.RÄUME" (free spaces) on the subject of feminist theory and practice in the planning, design, architecture and building. The magazine title ("Frei.Räume" Streitschrift) is itself a play on words that reflects the creators' agenda: merging the German words "Streiten", meaning "to fight", and "Zeitschrift", magazine. The group has also held numerous exhibitions, conferences and seminars.
In "Gestaltung – Zur Ästhetik des Brauchbaren" ["Design – The Aesthetics of Useful Things"] (2002), Dorschel probes different ways of assessing artefacts. Ludwig Hasler characterizes the book as a „cure "via" argumentative precision“ („argumentative Präzisionskur“), setting up „a controversy [...] both with modern functionalism, the movement that revolutionized design for a century, and with postmodernism, that sportive celebration of whimsy in matters of form“ („eine Streitschrift […] gegen den Funktionalismus der Moderne, der ein Jahrhundert lang die Gestaltung der Gebrauchsdinge revolutionierte, wie gegen die Postmoderne, die sich auf den Spass an der Beliebigkeit der Formen kaprizierte“).