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epithelium              stromal              endothelium              epidermis              choroid              parenchyma              glandular              mesenchyme              mesothelial              subepithelial              pericytes              dermis              epithelial              parenchymal              stromas              rpe              urothelium              crypts              glomeruli              periosteum              myoepithelial              hyperplastic              synovium              mesothelium              fibroblastic              keratocytes              cornea              chondroid              membranous              endothelia              villi              necrotic              trophoblast              avascular              melanocytes              endometrium              serous              keratinocytes              syncytiotrophoblast              papilla              macula              myofibroblasts              microvasculature              interstitium              fibrovascular              vascularization              hyaline              astrocytes              endometriotic              propria             

Examples of "stroma"
The iris consists of two layers: the front pigmented known as a stroma and, beneath the stroma, pigmented epithelial cells.
Within the stroma are grana, stacks of thylakoids, the sub-organelles, the daughter cells, where photosynthesis is commenced before the chemical changes are completed in the stroma.
Stroma, from the Norse "Straumøy" means "current island"
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The stroma of the prostate is characteristically muscular. Due to this muscularity, detecting the myofibroblastic phenotypic change indicative of reactive stroma is difficult in an examination of patient pathologic slides. A diagnosis of reactive stroma associated with prostate cancer is one of poor prognosis.
stroma or beneath an epidermal clypeus. The type of development
These tumors characteristically display hypovascular stroma compared to malignant neoplasms. Furthermore, the epithelial proliferation appears in a single terminal ductal unit and describes duct-like spaces surrounded by a fibroblastic stroma. The basement membrane is intact.
The excimer laser is used to ablate the most anterior portion of the corneal stroma. These procedures do not require a partial thickness cut into the stroma. Surface ablation methods differ only in the way the epithelial layer is handled.
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Interstitial keratitis (IK) is corneal scarring due to chronic inflammation of the corneal stroma. Interstitial means space between cells i.e. corneal stroma which lies between the epithelium and the endothelium. Keratitis means corneal inflammation.
The stroma of the ovary may contain interstitial cells resembling those of the testis.
A tubal-type epithelium surrounded by endometrial-type stroma is a variant of endometriosis, not endosalpingiosis.
Prostatic secretions escape into the stroma and elicit an inflammatory response.
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They can often be found in the stroma and within the tumour itself.
The stroma of the bone marrow is all tissue not directly involved in the marrow's primary function of hematopoiesis. Yellow bone marrow makes up the majority of bone marrow stroma, in addition to smaller concentrations of stromal cells located in the red bone marrow. Though not as active as parenchymal red marrow, stroma is indirectly involved in hematopoiesis, since it provides the hematopoietic microenvironment that facilitates hematopoiesis by the parenchymal cells. For instance, they generate colony stimulating factors, which have a significant effect on hematopoiesis. Cell types that constitute the bone marrow stroma include:
Cystic nephromas have an immunostaining pattern like ovarian stroma; they are positive for:
The substantia propria (or stroma of cornea) is fibrous, tough, unyielding, and perfectly transparent.
Gonadoblastomas can contain elements of both germ cells and gonadal stroma.