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chrey              trapeang              ruessei              samraong              kouk              pongro              boeng              preaek              veaeng              andoung              thnal              lvea              angk              chrum              trabaek              sangkae              thlok              tuek              kandaol              thmei              rumduol              phnum              chhuk              kakaoh              sambour              chambak              kaoh              kandal              praek              krouch              tnaot              kaeut              slaeng              paoy              sralau              krasang              tboung              khnar              damrei              daeum              khpos              tbaeng              tumnob              kbal              svay              kaev              khvav              knong              totueng              khsach             

Examples of "stueng"
Stueng Hav is one of four districts of Preah Sihanouk Province in Cambodia. According to the 1998 census of Cambodia, it had a population of 13,108.
Kandal Stueng District () is a district ("srok") of Kandal Province, Cambodia. The district is subdivided into 23 communes ("khum") and 154 villages ("phum").
Stueng Saen is a district within Kampong Thom Province, in central Cambodia. According to the 1998 census of Cambodia, it had a population of 66,014.
Samrong Sen (alternates: Somron-Seng, Somrong Seng, Somrong Sen, Som-Ron-Sen) on the east bank of the Stueng Chinit River is a prehistoric archaeological site in the Kampong Chhnang Province, Cambodia. Consisting of a very large fluviatile shell midden, it flourished in particular from 1500 BC to 500 BC.
Reading from the north clockwise, Chamkar Leu shares a border with Kampong Thom Province to the north and the district of Stueng Trang to the east. To the south of Chamkar Leu are Kampong Siem (south east) and Prey Chhor (south west) districts. Chamkar Leu shares its western border with Baray District of Kampong Thom province.
Kampong Leaeng district lies in the north of the province and shares a border with Kampong Thom province. Reading from the north clockwise, Kampong Leaeng borders with Kampong Svay, Stueng Saen, Santuk and Baray districts of Kampong Thom from the north to the east. To the south the district shares a border with Chol Kiri and Kampong Chhnang districts of Kampong Chhnang. The western border of the district joins with Baribour and Rola B'ier districts.
The district has very little road infrastructure. There is one provincial ring road that circles the small mountains in the district's south. This road is accessible from National Highway 6 in Stueng Saen District of Kampong Thom. Settlements are located along this road or along the Tonle Sap river and various smaller tributaries. Kampong Leaeng District is the second largest district in Kampong Chhnang province by land area and only Tuek Phos is larger. However, it has the smallest district population in the province after Chol Kiri due to its flooded landscape and lack of road transport infrastructure.
Krouch Chhmar district is in north-western Tboung Khmum Province. The Mekong runs along the western and northern borders of the district and the district boundary includes the river itself to midstream. Reading from the north clockwise, Krouch Chhmar shares a border with Stueng Trang district of Kampong Cham and Chhloung district of Kratie Province the Kratie district of Preaek Prasab to the north east. Dambae district forms most of the eastern border. To the south is Tboung Khmom district and the Kampong Cham district of Kampong Siem lies across the river to the west.
Banteay Meanchey has one of Cambodia's busiest checkpoints, Poipet International Border Checkpoint, for both people and goods. The checkpoint oversees approximately 2,000 tourists (50,000 tourists or 14% of nation's tourists annually in 2015) and 300 trucks carrying goods every day. In response to the increase of trade between Cambodia and Thailand, a new border checkpoint, Stueng Bot which is only 7 km from Poipet Checkpoint, is being constructed and slated to be completed by 2018. The new checkpoint will focus on trade while leaving Poipet Checkpoint for tourists.
Kampong Siem district is in central Kampong Cham Province and is surrounded by other Kampong Cham districts. Reading from the north clockwise, Kampong Cham shares a border with Stueng Trang District while Krouch Chhmar and Tbong Khmom districts form the eastern boundary. To the south of Kampong Siem is Koh Soutin District. The three districts of Kang Meas, Prey Chor and Chamkar Leu make up the western border of the district. Kampong Siem also surrounds the tiny Kampong Cham City which is the provincial capital.
Samrong Sen is located in central Cambodia on the east bank of the Stueng Chinit River, in the flood plains of the Tonlé Sap River, near the ancient capital of Oudong. The site is approachable from the Kampong Chhnang, which is away. The village below which the prehistoric archaeological finds are found, is a rugged mound of elliptical shape with a length of 600 m laid in a north-south direction. In the first report made by Edmond Fuchs in 1883, the site was identified as covering an area of by . It was about to above the Chinit River during low flow season. While parts of the site were exploited in the 1930s, the surviving portion as of the 1960s, is situated on the right bank of the Strung-Kinit, a rivulet within the waterway that flows from the Kompong-Leng mountains into the Tonlé Sap. The site is approached along the waterway by inland transport from Kampong Chhnang port across the Tonlé Sap Lake via the Steung Chinit River. The road approach is, however, seasonal only on a non-monsoon road.