Synonyms for stunned or Related words with stunned

startled              terrified              horrified              frightened              shocked              surprised              astonished              overpowered              saddened              enraged              dismayed              distraught              scared              panicked              infuriated              embarrassed              devoured              amazed              disgusted              humiliated              dumbfounded              bitten              beaten              angered              annoyed              disheartened              puzzled              outraged              helpless              disappointed              amused              thwarted              mortified              spooked              comforted              slaughtered              devastated              alarmed              overtaken              intimidated              overjoyed              astounded              incapacitated              confronted              appalled              tormented              delighted              electrocuted              unnerved              greeted             

Examples of "stunned"
When stunned, she starts talking about "fuzzy bunnies".
The animal may be stunned prior to having its throat cut. The UK Food Standards Agency figures from 2011 suggest that 84% of cattle, 81% of sheep and 88% of chickens slaughtered for halal meat were stunned before they died.
All domestic animals must be stunned before slaughter. Ritual slaughter of cattle without stunning has been prohibited since 1937, and of poultry since 1989. Halal slaughter of stunned animals takes place in Sweden.
Aged 55, Sean died suddenly in 2004 and the news stunned the county.
The "New York Times" reported from the funeral that the death had left many Jews stunned:
Stunned but amused, Jack hangs up. Just then, Bella appears from the bedroom and kisses him.
Bacon wrote further that The counterattack by the Steppe Front stunned the Germans.
Ziani had stunned many people in 2003 in his choice to represent Algeria instead of France.
Upon entering Indian Wells, Murray was stunned by world no. 129 Vasek Pospisil in straight sets.
The defense struggled to stop Winston as his heroics stunned New Orleans' home crowd.
Cantona then got up from his seat and abruptly left, leaving behind him a packed media room stunned and bewildered.
He was stunned. [...] How could the whitefellas question something so obvious as his ownership of his land?
Sania Mirza was the defending champion and top seed, but was stunned by Camille Pin in the second round.
In the title match, Stanford stunned top ranked and previously undefeated Long Beach State in three sets.
King Wenceslaus IV of Bohemia, upon hearing this news, was stunned and died shortly after, supposedly due to the shock.
In the early hours of 5 April 1973, he died suddenly of coronary atheroma. The public was stunned and saddened.
Abed teaches his lesson on "Who's the Boss?". The professor is stunned, and concedes that Abed's conclusion is correct.
The 49ers stunned the Thundering Herd in 2016 by winning their first game ever played inside Joan C. Edwards Stadium.
As of late 2011, corruption was alleged among certain high ranking associates of the president, which reportedly 'stunned' President Lee.