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Examples of "subaquatics"
The western boundary of the Wilderness is formed by the Colorado River. The area includes volcanic spires, a large sand dune with vegetation varying from riparian wetlands to Mojave Desert uplands. The habitats here consist of open water, emergent vegetation, subaquatics, dry mountains, desert uplands and washes.
The first European Championship which was a multi sport event involving both finswimming and underwater orienteering was held under the title of the First European Championship of Subaquatics Technical at Angera, Italy in August 1967. The specific finswimming events were races over the distances of 40m and 1000m which are reported as using either surface swimming techniques or respectively apnea and immersion techniques. In 1969, the first European Finswimming Championship to be separate of underwater orienteering was held in Locarno, Switzerland.
Recreational diving, sometimes called sport diving or subaquatics, is a popular leisure activity. Technical diving is a form of recreational diving that achieves greater depths or endurance in more challenging conditions. Professional diving (commercial diving, diving for scientific research purposes or diving for financial gain) takes a range of diving activities to the underwater work site. Public safety diving is the underwater work done by law enforcement, fire rescue, and search & rescue/recovery dive teams, and may be done by professionals or volunteers. Military diving includes combat diving, clearance diving and ship's husbandry diving. Underwater sports is a group of competitive sports using either free-diving, snorkeling or scuba technique, or a combination of these techniques. The term "deep sea diving" refers to underwater diving, usually with surface supplied equipment, and often refers specifically to the use of standard diving dress with the traditional copper helmet. "Hard hat" diving is any form of diving with a helmet, including the standard copper helmet, and other forms of free-flow and lightweight demand helmets.