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ciliata              plumosa              stricta              campanulata              calcarata              hookeri              sessiliflora              bracteata              auriculata              cornuta              mucronata              foveolata              graminifolia              virgata              gracilipes              speciosum              spathulata              fastigiata              debilis              horrida              laxiflora              gracillima              connata              cuneata              robustum              recurva              labill              pygmaea              setigera              aculeata              anomalum              calcicola              sagittata              caffra              colorata              sinuata              caesia              caespitosa              glabrescens              lanceolatum              costata              uncinata              pectinata              latifolium              incana              uniflora              ciliatum              cuneifolia              coriacea              radlk             

Examples of "subulata"
The larvae feed on "Austrocylindropuntia subulata".
The Latin specific epithet "subulata" means awl- or needle-shaped.
There are two varieties, "Sagina subulata" var. "subulata" with glandular-hairy sepals, and "Sagina subulata" var. "glabrata" Gillot with hairless sepals; the latter is often a lawn weed, and has been confused with the related Mediterranean species "Sagina pilifera". The cultivar 'Aurea' (referred to as Scottish or Scotch Moss in the horticultural trade) is grown as a garden plant.
"Alloteuthis subulata" is usually associated with the water column above sandy and hard bottoms.
Austrocylindropuntia subulata is a species of cactus native to the Peruvian Andes.
The Timor stubtail ("Urosphena subulata") is a species of bird in the family Cettiidae.
Melica subulata is a species of grass known by the common name Alaska oniongrass.
Banksia subulata, commonly known as Awled Honeypot, is a shrub endemic to Western Australia.
Plants from northwestern Europe reported as this species are based on misidentification of "Sagina subulata".
Cryptostylis subulata, known as the large tongue orchid grows in south eastern Australia. It was given its current name by H.G. Reichenbach in 1871, originally described by Labillardiere as "Malaxis subulata" in 1806 from Tasmania. The specific epithet "subulata" refers to the duck like shape of the flower's labellum. Sometimes this plant is known as the duck orchid, but this may cause confusion with the flying duck orchid.
Alloteuthis subulata, the European common squid, is a species of squid in the genus Alloteuthis and the family Loliginidae.
George placed this species in Subgenus "Chrysoma", Section "Chrysoma" along with "V. citrella", "V. subulata" and "V. acerosa".
"Verticordia subulata" is classified as "not threatened" by the Western Australian Government Department of Parks and Wildlife.
George placed this species in Subgenus "Chrysoma", Section "Chrysoma" along with "V. acerosa", "V. subulata", "V. endlicheriana".
Catopsis subulata is a species in the genus "Catopsis". This species is native to Mexico (Chiapas, Oaxaca), Guatemala, and Honduras.
Acacia subulata, commonly known as awl-leaf wattle, is a shrub endemic to New South Wales in Australia.
"Verticordia subulata" was first formally described by Alex George in 1991 from specimens collected from the Stirling Range National Park by Alex and Elizabeth George. The description was published in "Nuytsia". The specific epithet ("subulata") is derived from the Latin word "subula" meaning "an awl" referring to the shape of the staminodes.
"Melaleuca subulata" was first named in 2006 by Lyndley Craven in Novon when "Callistemon subulatus" was transferred to the present genus. "Callistemon subulatus" was first formally described by botanist Edwin Cheel in 1925 in "Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales Series". The specific epithet ("subulata") refers to the subulate shape of the leaves.
Tropaeas subulata is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Pyramidellidae, the pyrams and their allies.
"Melaleuca subulata" is commonly cultivated because of it abundant, attractive flowers. It is hardy but benefits from the application of low-phosphorus fertiliser.