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Examples of "sudivided"
Species in six subgenera of "Plasmodium" infect birds - "Bennettinia", "Giovannolaia", "Haemamoeba", "Huffia", "Novyella" and "Papernaia". "Giovannolaia" appears to be a polyphytic group and may be sudivided in the future.
Bhakkar city is also the administrative centre of Bhakkar Tehsil one of the four tehsils of the district. Bhakkar Tehsil is sudivided into 17 Union Councils, three of which form the city of Bhakkar.
The Eastern Province is one of the 13 regions of Saudi Arabia (; "manatiq idāriyya", sing. منطقة إدارية; "mintaqah idariyya"). The region is further subdivided into 11 governorates (; "muhafazat", sing. محافظة; "muhafazah"). The governorates are further sudivided into sub-governorates (; "marakiz", sing. مركز; "markaz").
Saudi Arabia is divided into 13 regions (; "manatiq idāriyya", sing. منطقة إدارية; "mintaqah idariyya"). The regions are further divided into 118 governorates (; "muhafazat", sing. محافظة; "muhafazah"). This number includes the 13 regional capitals, which have a different status as municipalities (; "amanah") headed by mayors (; "amin"). The governorates are further sudivided into sub-governorates (; "marakiz", sing. مركز; "markaz").
Unlike most Mexican land grants in California that remained intact at the end of the Mexican era, Rancho Entre Napa was sudivided. Higuera subdivided and sold much of the land in 1847, retaining for himself. With the cession of California to the United States following the Mexican-American War, the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo provided that the land grants would be honored. As required by the Land Act of 1851, 16 claims were filed with the Public Land Commission in 1852 for 14 tracts (Land Cases 80 ND, 108 ND, 113 ND, 152 ND, 160 ND, 171 ND, 172 ND, 176 ND, 177 ND, 231 ND, 242 ND, 244 ND, 260 ND, and 365 ND) of Rancho Entre Napa and 2 tracts (Land Cases 282 ND and 296 ND) of Rancho Rincon de los Carneos.
Species in five "Plasmodium" subgenera infect birds — "Bennettinia", "Giovannolaia", "Haemamoeba", "Huffia" and "Novyella". "Giovannolaia" appears to be a polyphyletic group and may be sudivided in the future. Species that infect birds include "P. accipiteris", "P. alloelongatum", "P. anasum", "P. ashfordi", "P. bambusicolai", "P. bigueti", "P. biziurae", "P. buteonis", "P. cathemerium", "P. circumflexum", "P. coggeshalli", " P. corradettii", "P. coturnix", "P. dissanaikei", "P. durae", "P. elongatum", "P. fallax", "P forresteri", "P. gallinacium", "P. garnhami", "P. giovannolai", "P. griffithsi", "P. gundersi", "P. guangdong", "P. hegneri", "P. hermani", "P. hexamerium", "P. huffi", "P. jiangi", "P. juxtanucleare", "P. kempi", "P. lophurae", "P.lutzi", "P. matutinum", "P. nucleophilum", "P. papernai", "P. paranucleophilum", "P. parvulum", "P. pediocetti", "P. paddae", "P. pinotti", "P. polare", "P. relictum", "P. rouxi", "P. tenue", "P. tejerai", "P. tumbayaensis" and "P. vaughani".
Those of the following "Landeskirchen", which existed in 1948, founded the new Protestant umbrella Evangelical Church in Germany (). However, following the violations of the church constitutions under Nazi reign many church bodies did not simply return to the pre-1933 status quo, but introduced altered or new church constitutions – usually after lengthy synodal procedures of decision-taking -, often including an altered name of the church body. In a process starting in June 1945 and ending in 1953 the Evangelical Church of the old-Prussian Union transformed from an integrated church body, sudivided into ecclesiastical provinces, into an umbrella-like church body, renamed into Evangelical Church of the Union under political pressure of communist East Germany in 1953.