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Sugarhill Gang is the self-titled debut album by influential rap group The Sugarhill Gang.
"Never Mind" sampled "8th Wonder" by Sugarhill Gang
In 1996 SugarHill underwent another change in ownership: RAD Audio, a company formed by studio engineers Dan Workman, Andy Bradley and Rodney Meyers. With new management and additional studio renovations, SugarHill continued to evolve. SugarHill recorded such artists as Destiny's Child, Robert Minot, Ann-Margret, Solange Knowles, Brian McKnight, Twista, Smash Mouth, Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Hubert Laws, Clay Walker and Calvin Owens.
2001 - Tim O'Brien - Two Journeys (Howdy Skies/Sugarhill Records)
Following the departure of Wonder Mike and Hendogg from Sugarhill Records in 2005, the original members of the Sugarhill Gang (sans Hank) have performed as the Original Sugar and as Rapper's Delight Featuring Wonder Mike and Master Gee, largely due to a string of legal cases against them regarding the use of the name 'Sugarhill Gang'
In 1986 Modern Music Ventures Incorporated purchased SugarHill from Huey P. Meaux. SugarHill consequently became the home base for a number of successful Tejano recording artists including Emilio Navaira, La Fiebre, Excellencia, Country Star Johnny Rodriquez and Adalberto Gallegos.
The song interpolates a rap verse from the Sugarhill Gang's 1979 hit "Rapper's Delight".
The discography of The Sugarhill Gang includes four studio albums, nine compilations and fifteen singles.
"The Real Life Cowboy EP" (2006, also known as "The SugarHill EP", "The Pink EP")
They are known for their remake of "Rapper's Delight" by Sugarhill Gang.
Hip hop performers the Sugarhill Gang mention that Tonto performs the dance in their 1981 hit song "".
The location of this film was on Edgecombe Avenue and 140th street in Harlem, this area is called Sugarhill.
"Lala Song" is the first single taken from French music producer and DJ Bob Sinclar's latest studio album "Born in 69", released on 3 April 2009. The song features rappers Master Gee and Wonder Mike from The Sugarhill Gang. "Lala Song" is also a remix of the 1979 song "Rapper's Delight" by this band "The Sugarhill Gang".
Shortly afterwards the group switched to Sugarhill Records, losing the "Plus One More" and adding 4 + 1 suffix. The group made its debut for Sugarhill in 1980 with the 9-minute "That's the Joint" a song arranged by jazz-funk organist Clifton Jiggs Chase. Its performances at Bronx club parties included full-blown dance routines.
In the late 1970s, Wimbish, Leblanc and McDonald were members of the house band for the Sugarhill Records record label and the trio of hip-hop artists known as the Sugarhill Gang. They were also the musicians playing behind DJ Grandmaster Flash's 1982 hit "The Message" (the vocal was by Melle Mel) and another hit "White Lines".
"8th Wonder" is a 1980 single by the American hip hop trio The Sugarhill Gang, originally released on Sugarhill Records. It was later made part of their 1982 album "8th Wonder". The song charted at #82 on the "Billboard" Hot 100 in the United States.
In 2016, the remaining living members of the original Sugarhill Gang, including Wonder Mike, Hendogg and Master Gee embarked on their first world tour in over a decade under the name The Sugarhill Gang. They performed as the Sugarhill Gang for the Art of Rap festival tour in 2016. They played at V Festival in Hylands Park and Weston Park in the UK as part of their world tour in 2016. On Nov 27 2016 they played in Hong Kong at the Clockenflap Festival.
"Rapper's Delight" is a hip-hop song released in September 1979 by The Sugarhill Gang, and produced by ex-Mickey and Sylvia member Sylvia Robinson.
2008 - Cited as "one of the longest running independent hoops websites around, old school and rock solid like the Sugarhill Gang" by the Los Angeles Times.
compilation for the history of the group. It features various songs from old school artists such as Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa, James Brown and Sugarhill Gang.