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itsumademo              kanashii              ikenai              yasashii              koisuru              danshi              soshite              hitorigoto              nante              kimochi              chiisana              shiranai              itoshiki              renai              mieru              odoru              oshiete              tanoshii              kanashiki              yureru              itoshii              omoi              tameni              shuraba              koibito              utsukushii              ikaga              onaji              omoide              jikan              zutto              daremo              aijin              koukou              anata              aitsu              datte              tsumetai              binetsu              oyasumi              utsukushiki              otona              warau              hoshii              yatte              akachan              aishi              aishiteru              owaranai              kodou             

Examples of "sugite"
"Baka" frequently occurs in proper nouns. Examples from Japanese pop music include albums (Pretty Little Baka Guy, Ai no Baka "Love Fool") and songs (Suki Sugite Baka Mitai "To Like [him] Too Much and Look Like a Fool"). Some titles from modern Japanese literature are Tsuribaka Nisshi ("Fishing Fool's Diary"), ("Dog Fool"), and Baka to Test to Shōkanjū ("Idiots, Tests, and Summoned Creatures").
This album features several songs with different versions from the originals. "Ai no Bakayarō" has a slightly different arrangement, while "Suki Sugite Baka Mitai" is Goto's solo version of the original DEF.DIVA song. "Daite yo! Please Go On" is a live version recorded at the "Hello! Project 2005 Natsu no Kayou Show -'05 Selection! Collection!-" concert, while "Sayonara no Love Song" and "Afurechau...Be in Love" are new arrangements that have a different character from the original versions.
The band officially dissolved on February 29, 2012, after their sold-out final Budokan concert. On June 15, an announcement on Sheena's official site, Kronekodow, revealed that Tokyo Jihen would release one final album, "Shin'ya Waku" ("The Edge of Late Night"), and DVD/Blu-ray video, "Chin Play Kou Play" ("Strange Plays and Great Plays") in August of that year. The album, a collection of B-sides, included the previously unreleased-on-CD "Handsome Sugite" and one new song, "Tadanaranu Kankei". The video contained highlights from the band's best live performances along with festival appearances and rare material.
She made her singing debut on 1985-06-23 with her song "Hazukashi Sugite". Along with Shizuka Kudo, Miho Nakayama, and Yui Asaka, Minamino was considered one of the of the time until she temporarily suspended her career in 1992. In 1988 she played two roles, including the starring role, in the Taiga drama "Takeda Shingen". That same year, she reached the number one spot for sales of publicity photo shots sold, setting a new record. Minamino was also honored by the country of Grenada when they issued postage stamps featuring two different head shots.
"Handsome Sugite" is a song that appeared on the band's 2011 "CS Channel" DVD, which compiled "Dai Hakken" era videos. It was composed by Sheena, with lyrics by music video director Yuichi Kodama. While the song was also released digitally at the time, its appearance on "Shin'ya Waku" is the first time appearing on a physical release. "Tadanaranu Kankei" is a previously unpublished song written by Ukigumo, with additional lyrics by Sheena, that was given an additional title in English, "And the Beat Goes On".
On February, 1998, she released her 2nd single, ""Sotsugyō" —Top of the World—", a cover song for The Carpenters' Top of the World. The lyrics of the song was written by Makoto of Sharm Q, peaking at number 35 on the Oricon Singles Chart. Michiyo released her first studio album "Teenage Dream" on March 25, 1998, peaking at number 50 on the Oricon Albums Chart. ""Daikirai"" was released for Michiyo's third single on July 1, 1998. The song was again composed by Hatake, peaking at number 50 on the Oricon Singles Chart. "Morning Cop "Daite Hold on Me!" OST" was released on September 30, 1998, under the names of Michiyo Heike and Morning Musume, peaking at number 18 on the Oricon Albums Chart. ""Dakedo aishi sugite"" was released Michiyo's fourth single from the joint OST album "Morning Cop "Daite Hold on Me!"" on October 25, 1998, peaking at number 95 on the Oricon Singles Chart.