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seung              kwang              joo              seong              seok              hwan              chul              kyung              jae              hyung              hyun              cheol              chae              hyeon              yeong              byung              jeong              yong              myung              byun              hyuk              baek              kyu              gyu              woong              yoo              yoon              jeon              woo              hye              keun              wook              joon              eun              seon              shik              hee              heon              taek              kyoung              beom              hyeok              jang              sook              sik              cheon              yun              seol              youn              soo             

Examples of "suk"
Václav Suk, or Váša Suk, or Vyacheslav Suk (also Vyacheslav Ivanovich, Вячеслав Иванович Сук, or Vjačeslav Ivanovič Suk) (November 16, 1861January 12, 1933) was a Czech-born Russian violinist, conductor and composer.
Han Moo-sook, also known as Han Musuk, Han Moo-suk, Han Musook, Mu-suk Han, and Han Mu-suk (1918-1993) () was a South Korean writer.
Josef Suk died on May 29, 1935, in Benešov, Czechoslovakia. He is the grandfather of famed Czech violinist Josef Suk.
The Kim Jong-suk Teachers' College, which was named after Kim Jong-il's mother, Kim Jong-suk, is in Chongjin.
The Suk Chamber Orchestra (Czech: Sukův komorní orchestr) is a classical chamber orchestra named after the composer Josef Suk.
In 1974, as a commemoration of the 100th anniversary of birth of his grandfather Josef Suk, he founded the Suk Chamber Orchestra. Suk acted as its leader and conductor till 2000.
Deudorix suk, the Suk playboy, is a butterfly in the Lycaenidae family. It is found in eastern Uganda and western and central Kenya.
On 5 January 2013, Suk signed with Beerschot until the summer of 2016. However, after Beerschot's bankruptcy Suk became without a club.
Martin Damm and Cyril Suk were the defending champions. Damm partnered with Jared Palmer, losing in the first round. Suk partnered with Pavel Vízner, losing in the quarterfinals.
Petr Korda and Cyril Suk were the defending champions, but Korda did not participate this year. Suk partnered Daniel Vacek, losing in the quarterfinals.
"Praporshik" Grigoriy Suk (also known as Grigory Suk in English, ) was a flying ace for the Imperial Russian Air Service during World War I.
Martin Damm and Cyril Suk were the defending champions, but Damm did not participate this year. Suk partnered Pavel Vízner, losing in the semifinals.
Cyril Suk and Daniel Vacek were the defending champions but they competed with different partners that year, Suk with Hendrik Jan Davids and Vacek with Richey Reneberg.
Cyril Suk and Daniel Vacek were the defending champions but they competed with different partners that year, Suk with Petr Korda and Vacek with Yevgeny Kafelnikov.
Pablo Albano and Cyril Suk were the defending champions but they competed with different partners that year, Albano with Lucas Arnold and Suk with Marius Barnard.
Park Jung-suk () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Park and the given name Jung-suk, and may also refer to:
On 14 June 2014, Suk signed a three-year contract with NAC Breda. In his first season, Suk relegated to the Eerste Divisie.
Nam Suk Lee was born leader and this inclination would later facilitating the gathering of several students to train in what was to become the roots of Chang Moo Kwan. In an interview with his student Jon Wiedenman, Nam Suk Lee relayed the story of the inception, “point zero,” of Chang Moo Kwan. Nam Suk Lee stumbled upon a martial arts book, a Chinese translation of Gichin Funakoshi's "Karate Jutsu". If teenage Nam Suk Lee would have been discovered training by the unforgiving Japanese soldiers, death could have been the penalty. Jon Wiedenman presented a republished copy of "Karate Jutsu" to Nak Suk Lee by Kodansha Publications for his birthday.
Eun-suk is an upcoming actress. Caught in a compromising position with Kim Joon-sung (Lee Ki-woo), heir to a large conglomerate, she is forced into an engagement with him. As Min-gu lies in a vegetative state, Bok-gu learns of his relationship with Eun-suk. Min-gu had taken care of Eun-suk and her family, often helping them out financially, before Eun-suk became a famous actress. Bok-gu incorrectly assumes that Eun-suk is a social climber who broke up with Min-gu upon achieving success because she thought he would be a burden. Bok-gu blames her for Min-gu’s current state and vows revenge.
Hur Suk-ho, Tatsuhiko Ichihara, Wayne Perske, David Smail