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kudumba              neeyum              poocha              theerpu              sookshikkuka              swapnam              pattalam              ponnu              rajavu              njaan              anandha              swantham              vilikkunnu              geetham              iniyum              paramu              rahasyam              priyappetta              bandhangal              snehamulla              dongalu              aadyathe              iddaru              mookkuthi              kizhakku              maathu              bandham              vanadevatha              sneham              kanninum              cheppu              mogudu              thedi              nyayavidhi              swapnangal              samsaram              kodalu              shakunthala              thilakam              anandam              appunni              kaattu              raktha              kalloori              mandhira              thirumathi              velai              sandhyakku              sukham              puthu             

Examples of "sundaran"
Pattanathil Sundaran is a 2003 Malayalam film directed by Vipin Mohan, and starring Dileep and Navya Nair.
Sundari Neeyum Sundaran Njanum is a 1995 Indian Malayalam film, directed by Thulasidas, starring Mukesh and Ranjitha in the lead roles.
Manoj K. Jayan plays the character of Sundaran, who is the lead character in this movie. On contrary to his name, he is quite an unattractive person. Still he has managed to win the heart of Devu (Lekshmi Gopalaswami). Hajiyar (Saikumar) is another character in the movie is less of an employee and more of an elder brother to Sundaran. Hajiyar's daughter happens to confront a few terrorists who blows up a mansion in the village.
She anchored "Sundari Neeyum Sundaran Njaanum", a reality show for television actors on Asianet. She maintains a Twitter account. In 2010 she was only one of two Malayalam actresses maintaining an active Twitter account.
She was still at school when offered her first film role, starring opposite Dileep in "Ishtam" in 2001. There followed roles in partnership with Dileep, in films such as "Mazhathullikkilukkam", "Kunjikoonan", "Kalyanaraman", "Pandippada", "Gramaphone" and "Pattanathil Sundaran".
Balaji Balasubramaniam gave the film a rating of 1.5 stars out of 4, stating : "Sundari Neeyum Sundaran Naanum also falls victim to the trend with its duets and fights. But many of the jokes manage to be funny and this makes the overall viewing experience less painful that expected". Sify said that the film is a "waste of time".
Music was composed by B. Gopalam and lyrics were penned by Papanasam Sivan, Kuyilan, Puratchidasan and M. Sundaran. Singer is P. Bhanumathi. Playback singers are T. V. Rathinam, A. P. Komala, K. Rani, S. Janaki, P. B. Srinivas, B. Gopalam and Seerkazhi Govindarajan.
Parassala assembly constituency is part of Trivandrum (Lok Sabha constituency). The former late deputy speaker of the Kerala Legislative Assembly, Sundaran Nadar, is from Parassala. The current MLA is C.K.Harindren and the current Panchayath president is T.K Sarojini. Now, from November 2015, local self election conducted by state election commission and won Left Democratic front and Com. S .Suresh elected as panchayat president.
Sundari Neeyum Sundaran Naanum is a 1999 Tamil comedy film directed by A. N. Rajagopal. The film features Pandiarajan and Easwari Rao in the lead roles, with Ranjith, Manorama, Senthil, Charle, Anu Mohan, Pandu, Sathyapriya, Anuja, Anitha and Vaiyapuri playing supporting roles. The film, produced by V. Thiyagarajan, had musical score by Deva and was released on 21 November 1999.
She has judged popular reality show Comedy Stars on Asianet,Five Minutes Fun Star on Kaumudi TV and Jagapoga on Kairali TV..She has attended popular talk shows such as Nammal Thammil,Sreekandannair Show.She has acted in some tele-films also.She has participated in popular game shows such as 1.1.3 on Mazhavil Manorama and Sarigama on Asianet.She has supported Beena Antony and Manoj Kumar in reality show Sundari Neeyum Sundaran Njaanum on Asianet.She has performed in various stages
The film follows brothers Kuttan Bava/Chettan Bava (Narendra Prasad) and Kunjan Bava/Aniyan Bava (Rajan P. Dev), and their driver Premachandran (Jayaram) with whom the daughters of both the Bavas fall in love. This makes the Bavas enemies and it becomes their issue of pride on who will marry Premachandran. On top of this includes Sundaran (Prem Kumar), the nephew of the Bavas trying to take Premachandran down.
Noriah and her husband, Asmuni Abdullah died in an AS 350 helicopter crash near Sebuyau, Sarawak. They were travelling with several other government officials from Betong to Kuching on 5 May 2016 when the helicopter lost contact with ground officials. Debris was found near Batang Lupar river the following day. The crash also killed Dato' Wan Mohammad Khair-il Anuar Wan Ahmad, the member of Parliament for Kuala Kangsar, Perak, Chairman of Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) and Secretary-General of Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities, Datuk Dr Sundaran Annamalai. Her remains were flown back to Selangor and buried at the Muslim Cemetery in Batu 12 Sungai Burong, Sabak Bernam.
Apart from interviewing celebrities and being a judge for various reality shows, Aneesh has anchored shows such as ‘Adipoli Swad’ (cookery show), ‘Thillana Thillana’, ‘City Girls’ (Asianet), and ‘Oru Nunakatha’ (WE). He also hosts shows like Campus Colours, Cucumber City and Erivum Puliyum (Janam TV). ‘Tharolsavam’, a reality show initiated by Kairali TV and "Sundari Neeyum Sundaran Njanum" another reality show initiated by Asianet TV for the small screen artists gave him ample opportunities to exhibit his skills in mime, skits and music.He has also anchored various other programs and participated in popular reality shows. Aneesh Debuted as a producer through 2016 serial "Moonu Pennungal" under Varadayini creations.
Engirundho Vandhan is a 1995 Tamil comedy film directed by Santhana Bharathi. The film features Sathyaraj, Roja and Aamani in the lead roles, with Vijayakumar, Janagaraj, Kalyan Kumar, Vinu Chakravarthy, R. Sundarrajan, Bhanu Chander and Thyagu playing supporting roles. The film, produced by V. Sundaran, had musical score by the duo Viswanathan–Ramamoorthy and was released on 15 January 1995. Viswanathan and Ramamoorthy collaborated after 30 years and it eventually became their last collaboration. The film received mixed reviews and failed at box office. The film was a remake of Malayalam film "Chithram".
Once the architects of Devaloga, Viswakarma and Mayan had an argument on whose skill was superior. Brahma, the god of creation informed Mayan that Viswakarma attained betterment as he built Vaikunta, the abode of Vishnu on account of accomplishments in previous birth. He also informed Mayan that to attain similar status, he has to identify and build an abode near river Kaveri similar to Vaikunta. Mayan inspected various places and finally identified Thiruvelliyangudi, where sage Markendeya was doing penance. He built a beautiful temple and its compound, which is believed to be the temple in modern times. Vishnu appeared as Sringara Sundaran (beautiful deity).
"Sooryan" tells the story of Sooryanarayanan (Jayaram), who is a very popular and accomplished singer. His family comprises his mother (Kalaranjini) and his widowed sister Raji (Nandini) and her two kids. There is also his eldest sister (Zeenath), who is married to a businessman named Sundaran (Sreehari). One day, while Sooryanarayanan is on a hospital visit with his niece, he sees someone who sends the shivers down his spine. That someone is Simon Thekkilakaadan (Vijayaraghavan), who is crippled and in a wheelchair, and presents a rather pitiful sight.
Shajith Koyeri was born in Punnol in Kannur district of Kerala, to Soma Sundaran and Rathibayi. He attended Brennan College in Thalassery for his higher studies. He has relocated to Mumbai in 1999.His first independent work was with the movie, "Perfect Husband" in 2003. Later he worked for films like Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Black and Saawariya, Shimit Amin's Ab Tak Chappan, Ketan Mehta's , Rohan Sippy's Bluff Master, Shashant Shah’s Dasvidaniya and Chalo Dilli, Aparna Sen’s 15 Park Avenue, Abhishek Chaubey’s Ishqiya, Vishal Bhardwaj's Maqbool, The Blue Umbrella, Omkara and Kaminey , 7 Khoon Maaf to jot down a few. Besides, he has also worked on many documentaries and short films that have been showcased in film festivals around the world .
Even at the prime of her career, Kanika moved to "small screen", hosting a couple of TV shows, which she believed were a "refreshing change from movies". She had first hosted the second season of the popular comedy show "Kalakka Povathu Yaaru" on STAR Vijay in 2006, following which she had hosted the popular family based game show "Mega Thanga Vettai", the annual "Chutti Vikatan Children's Quiz Show" both on Sun TV. Besides, she also played a lead role in the television serial "Thiruvilayadal" on Sun TV. She has judged poupular reality shows like SUNDARI NEEYUM SUNDARAN NJAANUM, STAR SINGER both on Asianet. In 2015 she judged Uggram Ujjwalam a Malayalam reality show on Mazhavil Manorama
Alibhai tells the story of Anwar Ali (Mohanlal) known as Alibhai a King "Dadha" of Palayam market, Kozhikode. He is the unquestionable hero in that area and savior of the poor and downtrodden. The movie opens with the flashback sequences which establish young Ali, a member of a barami family famous for making Urus, who leaves his home in his childhood when his own father Ahmed Sahib (Innocent) mistakes him for an unexpected thief and beats him black and blue in front of people. Ali's friends Sundaran Thampi (Siddique), tells the mob he saw the theft which was actually done by himself for avenging his fathers rivalry with Ahmad Sahib. Ali knowing he was cheated by his friend grab the butcher sword and chops off his hand and flees from his home to the Palayam market. He never backs out from a fight where he grows up as Alibhai, an undisputed leader of the proletarian class, one who stands up to speak for them and even to clench his fists and fight for them and their rights. The son grows up to be a good-hearted toughie.
Once Shakthi was reborn as Parvati, Brahma performed a yagna to save god and men from two demons known as Sandobi and Sundaran. Through this yagna Tilottama, an apsara came to life. Attracted by the beauty of Thilothama, the demons and even Brahma, followed her. For her protection she went to Kailash where Brahma also followed. As Brahma also was with five heads, Parvati mistook him for Shiva and felt at his feet. When Parvati realized the truth, she was very angry and prayed to Shiva that the fifth head of Brahma should be destroyed. So Shiva as "Rudra" cut off one head of Brahma. Now, Brahma now with four heads cursed Shiva that his fifth head must be attached to his hand itself and hereafter Shiva must be affected having hunger, having no sleep. So Shiva came to earth and roamed everywhere. When he was hungry he begged and ate, but half of the food he begged was eaten by the fifth head of Brahma: that is, the "Kabala" so Shiva roamed in every graveyard and slept in ashes and that form of Shiva is worhipped as Bhairava in south India.