Synonyms for superthin or Related words with superthin

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Examples of "superthin"
KamaSutra has a range of textured and other special interest condoms – Dotted, Ribbed, Contoured, LongLast, Superthin, Intensity (multi-textured), Smooth (plain, extra lubricated), extra large, flared and flavored/scented condoms.
The fitness boom of the 1980s led to one of the biggest leaps in the evolution of the bikini. According to Mills, "The leg line became superhigh, the front was superlow, and the straps were superthin." Women's magazines used terms like "Bikini Belly", and workout programs were launched to develop a "bikini-worthy body". The tiny "fitness-bikinis" made of lycra were launched to cater to this hardbodied ideal. Movies like "Blue Crush" and TV reality shows like "Surf Girls" have merged the concepts of bikini models and athletes together, further accentuating the toned body ideal.
Le Backhand is an undergarment brand inspirered by Nordic lifestyles. Wearable through four seasons and under all and any weather conditions, it emphasize maximum quality, clean cuts, generous fit and neutral colours. Le Backhand's garments are made for practical everyday use, the wearers everlasting next of skin. An optimal mix of 70% merino and 30% silk, woven in jersey technique in Germany, ensures that Le Backhand;s garments are soft, smooth, elastic and light as a feather. The superthin quality gives Le Backhand a unique versatility. Le Backhand's garments can be worn everywhere and at any time. At work, at play and on festive occations. The combination of wool and silk prevents Le Backhand from becoming sticky and too warm, and safeguards the wearer from that annoying itchy feeling. A Le Backhand garment is not just another garment, it is the wearers trusted companion.
Narrow passageways lead to the side entrances of the concert hall. The passageway walls are lined with dark gray felt and the floors are covered with gray industrial carpeting. Elisabeth Diller calls this the “sensory deprivation space”, as it is meant to heighten the drama of coming into the auditorium. The theater’s new skin consists almost entirely of translucent eco-friendly resin and African moabi wood panels that were developed with 3form (and are between 1 and 1.5 inches thick). The panels form gill-like acoustic baffles along the side walls or become pivoting pyramid shapes that bounce sound. Sections of the balcony and side walls give emit a soft pinkish light as LEDs hidden behind them glow through the superthin moabi veneer. Aesthetics, acoustics, and lighting were all incorporated into these panels to remove visual clutter and create a more inviting space. The stage can now be configured in three different ways, as the front rows are capable of sliding down and underneath it.