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Examples of "suprematist"
By developing Suprematist ideas, Khidekel early defined his personal approach to Suprematist canon, introducing his own Suprematist painterly idioms, forms, ideas, and thoughts.;
Suprematist Jewelry Design based on Lazar Khidekel early 1920s works:;
In 1926, while a student of the Architectural College (PIGI) in Petrograd, he created the first real Suprematist architectural project. His immense influence on the students and professors of PIGI resulted in a series of collaborative works with his professors A.S. Nikolsky and G. Simonov that defined Lazar Khidekel’s groundbreaking role in developing Suprematist and Constructivist-Suprematist style as an ultimate trend of the Leningrad avant-garde architecture of mid 1920s - early 1930s.
Nikolai Suetin is generally considered one of the leading Suprematist artists.
The battle cruisers featured in "Star Wars" have been described as examples of "Suprematist architecture".
Under the influence of Tatlin, Udaltsova experimented with Constructivism, but eventually embraced the more painterly approach of the Suprematist movement. In 1916, she participated with other Suprematist artists in a Jack of Diamonds exhibition, and during that same time period she joined Kazimir Malevich's" Supremus" group. In 1915–1916, together with other suprematist artists (Kazimir Malevich, Aleksandra Ekster, Liubov Popova, Nina Genke, Olga Rozanova, Ivan Kliun, Ivan Puni, Ksenia Boguslavskaya and others) worked at the Verbovka Village Folk Centre.
Nadezhda Andreevna Udaltsova ( December 29,1885 – January 25,1961) was a Russian avant-garde artist (Cubist, Suprematist), painter and teacher.
Ivan Puni or Puny (Jean Pougny, ; 1894 or 1892 – 1956) was a Russian avant-garde artist (Suprematist, Cubo-Futurist).
Monochrome painting as it is usually understood today began in Moscow, with Suprematist Composition: White on White of 1918 by Suprematist artist Kazimir Malevich. This was a variation on or sequel to his 1915 work “Black Square on a White Field”, a very important work in its own right to 20th century geometric abstraction.
Nikolai Suetin used Suprematist motifs on works at the St. Petersburg Lomonosov Porcelain Factory where Malevich and Chashnik were also employed, and Malevich designed a Suprematist teapot. The Suprematists also made architectural models in the 1920s which offered a different conception of socialist buildings to those developed in Constructivist architecture.
In 1915-1916 with other Suprematist artists, she worked in the Verbovka Village Folk Centre in the Ukrainian province near Kiev. She exhibited at the first Futurist exhibition in 1915, and helped organise the Suprematist 0.10 Exhibition in late 1915. She was also a member of "Jack of Diamonds" (1919) and "Mir iskusstva" (1916–1918).
Kliment Red'ko or Redko (, , Klyment Mykolayovych Redko), 15 (27) October 1897 - 18 February 1956) was a Ukrainian-Russian painter-scientist, avant-garde artist (Constructivist, Projectionist, Suprematist), graphic artist.
Under the avant-guard umbrella, Ekster has been noted to be a suprematist and constructivist painter as well as a major influencer of the Art Deco movement.
Lyubov Sergeyevna Popova (; April 24, 1889 – May 25, 1924) was a Russian avant-garde artist (Cubist, Suprematist and Constructivist), painter and designer.
Ivan Vasilyevich Klyun (; born Ivan Vasilyevich Klyunkov; 1873–1943) was a Russian painter, avant-garde artist (Suprematist, Constructivist), graphic artist and sculptor.
Nina Genke or Nina Genke-Meller, or Nina Henke-Meller, (, 1893–1954) was a Ukrainian-Russian avant-garde artist, (Suprematist, Futurist), designer, graphic artist and scenographer.
Nikolai Suetin (, 1897 – 1954) was a Russian Suprematist artist. He worked as a graphic artist, a designer, and a ceramics painter.
In 1915, Malevich laid down the foundations of Suprematism when he published his manifesto, "From Cubism to Suprematism". In 1915–1916 he worked with other Suprematist artists in a peasant/artisan co-operative in Skoptsi and Verbovka village. In 1916–1917 he participated in exhibitions of the "Jack of Diamonds" group in Moscow together with Nathan Altman, David Burliuk, Aleksandra Ekster and others. Famous examples of his Suprematist works include "Black Square" (1915) and "White On White" (1918).