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wakeboards              wakeboarding              windsurfing              kiteboards              watersport              kiteboarding              sailboards              wakeskating              kneeboards              paddleboarding              paddleboards              bodyboards              surfboards              windsurf              kitesurfing              waterskiing              kneeboarding              kiteboard              bodyboarding              paddleboard              bodyboard              bodysurfing              windsurfers              parasailing              sailboarding              watersports              longboarding              longboards              skimboards              kayaking              longboard              wakeboard              waterski              wakesurfing              snowboards              snowboarding              kayaks              shortboard              skateboarding              shortboards              riverboarding              kneeboard              skydiving              rollerblades              snowkiting              kickboard              wakeboarders              rollerblading              snorkeling              slacklining             

Examples of "surfboarding"
He left commercial surfboarding interests in the late 1970s and returned to them in the 1990s.
Niton has a reputation as a notoriously dangerous spot for Surfboarding. A powerful rip current and a rocky landing await the surfer who attempts to tame Niton's powerful shore break.
The Daily Habit is a sports telecast airing on Fuel TV hosted by Pat Parnell. The show features personalities in the world of extreme sports, including surfboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding and more, as well as other personalities from entertainment and popular music. The Daily Habit began airing on October 3, 2005. Its seventh season began airing on September 1, 2011.
"There is a special vocabulary for torture. When people use tortures that are old, they rename them and alter them a wee bit. They invent slightly new words to mask the similarities. This creates an inside club, especially important in work where secrecy matters. Waterboarding is clearly a jailhouse joke. It refers to surfboarding"– a word found as early as 1929– "they are attaching somebody to a board and helping them surf. Torturers create names that are funny to them."
Purpura of the nail beds usually result from trauma, with causes of toe involvement including physical pressure on the toes, such as that seen in surfboarding or windsurfing in which one must maintain balance with the toes, or when exogenous pressure is exerted from poorly fitting shoes. Purpura beneath the nails may present similar to a melanoma, a confusion that may result if the patient does not communicate the acuteness of onset.
As might be expected with its proximity to the sea, Newhaven is home to a thriving marina: the Newhaven and Seaford Sailing Club is based there; Scuba diving, water ski-ing and surfboarding are also practised. Newhaven Football Club plays in the Sussex County League; there is a thriving archery club. The town also boasts a large and modern indoor bowls centre, and there is a thriving outdoor bowling green located close to the marina.
Anderson retired from professional surfboarding in the mid-1980s and never sought to benefit commercially by patenting his invention. Anderson said: "If I didn’t come up with it right then, there were a lot of other people at the time that were working toward that same end goal. I’m just fortunate, and happy to contribute." In November 2000, Anderson was awarded the Australian Sports Medal for services to surfboard design. In August 2010 Anderson was honored by US Blanks at the Sacred Craft Expo in San Diego California. In 2011, Anderson published his autobiography called "Thrust: The Simon Anderson Story" and was inducted into the Surfer's Hall of Fame.
Lord says that she still loves watching words jump onto the page, and she still loves making people laugh and cry and shiver with her writing. She still loves to read a great story. Lord still has kept "Happy" and "Peppermint" and "Fantastic Mr. Fox" and "Winnie the Pooh" all of these years. She keeps them to remind her of the child she used to be, the one who liked surfboarding toads, sang the cherry song, and scared herself silly writing her first ghost story. She’s the one she writes for.
In "Kirby's Epic Yarn", at the start of the game, Kirby inhales a yarn-based Maxim Tomato (referred to by Yin-Yarn as a Metamato) transforming him into yarn, granting Kirby the ability to transform into a car, a surfboarding penguin, a "UFO", and many other forms. Also, since Kirby cannot suck up enemies in this game (since air just goes through him), he uses a yarn whip to grab enemies and turn them into yarn balls, which can by thrown at other foes, attached to buttons, move zippers and more.
During World War II the sea front was disrupted by the installation of the Nazi Atlantic Wall and the town suffered from bombing during the allied invasion in 1944. This contributed to the diminishing of the ancient fishing industry, which numbered some 150 boats at the turn of the century, and had all but disappeared by the 1960s. Today, although the hospital sector remains economically important, the town has again promoted itself as a tourist attraction. A seaside bathing station, with an immense beach of fine sand on the Opal Coast, it continues to be a centre for sand yachting and the new sport of surfboarding. The former Berck Plage railway station has been converted into a casino.
Because of the construction of a caster board, riding one (or "caster boarding") is more akin to snowboarding or surfboarding than skateboarding. The stance is perpendicular to the board, and the feet do not need to leave the board to propel it. While riding, one can also carve back and forth, making heel-and-toe side turns (see steering). Initially, one places the front foot (depending on preference) on the front of the board, which is generally unidirectional. Once on the board, and riding, the independent motion capabilities of the front and back of the board allow it to twist along the lengthwise axis. This lets the rider turn or even propel the board forward without removing his or her feet from the board.
However, Tamanoumi's sudden death in October 1971 shook Kitanofuji badly and affected his performance in the ring. Now the sole "yokozuna" in sumo, he went into a slump. After poor performances in the first two tournaments of 1972, he pulled out of the May 1972 tourney because of insomnia. He took a leave of absence from the next tournament in July, but went on a trip to Hawaii and was caught surfboarding. He was cautioned by the Japan Sumo Association and immediately apologised. He returned to win the next championship with a perfect record in September 1972. His final title came in March 1973, and his last challenge for a championship was in July of that year when he lost a playoff to veteran Kotozakura.
Only a few types of sharks are dangerous to humans. Out of more than 480 shark species, only three are responsible for two-digit numbers of fatal unprovoked attacks on humans: the great white, tiger and bull; however, the oceanic whitetip has probably killed many more castaways which have not been recorded in the statistics. These sharks, being large, powerful predators, may sometimes attack and kill people; however, they have all been filmed in open water by unprotected divers. The 2010 French film "Oceans" shows footage of humans swimming next to sharks in the ocean. It is possible that the sharks are able to sense the presence of unnatural elements on or about the divers, such as polyurethane diving suits and air tanks, which may lead them to accept temporary outsiders as more of a curiosity than prey. Uncostumed humans, however, such as those surfboarding, light snorkeling or swimming, present a much greater area of exposed skin surface to sharks. In addition, the presence of even small traces of blood, recent minor abrasions, cuts, scrapes or bruises, may lead sharks to attack a human in their environment. Sharks seek out prey through electroreception, sensing the electric fields that are generated by all animals due to the activity of their nerves and muscles.
In Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom, a pair of red-yellow flags is used to mark the limits of the bathing area on a beach, usually guarded by surf lifesavers. If the beach is closed, the poles of the flags are crossed. The flags are coloured with a red triangle and a yellow triangle making a rectangular flag, or a red rectangle over a yellow rectangle. On many Australian beaches there is a slight variation with beach condition signaling. A red flag signifies a closed beach (in the UK also other dangers), yellow signifies strong current or difficult swimming conditions, and green represents a beach safe for general swimming. In Ireland, a red and yellow flag indicates that it is safe to swim; a red flag that it is unsafe; and no flag indicates that there are no lifeguards on duty. Blue flags may also be used away from the yellow-red lifesaver area to designate a zone for surfboarding and other small, non-motorised watercraft.
Kryten states that despite the pleasantness and charm of their host, they are still prisoners, and continue to lose ground on "Red Dwarf". Following Lister's advice, they attempt to escape using a method from the film "Revenge of the Surfboarding Killer Bikini Vampire Girls". When they confront Legion and the plan fails dramatically, they discover that he is a gestalt entity—a combination of all active minds present on the station, melded together to form one. The space station used to be occupied by a group of scientists who created Legion, but all have perished from old age. Without conscious minds, Legion is a mindless, formless entity. Kryten discovers a solution by knocking out the rest of the Red Dwarf crew, reducing Legion to purely Kryten's persona. Legion claims a stalemate, but Kryten reminds him that he now shares the mechanoid's overriding servitude to the needs of his companions, with nothing else to dilute it. As he is thereby compelled to help the crew safely leave the station, Legion admits relief that he will no longer be sharing their assorted neuroses. Kryten then asks if Legion ever developed anything that could help with the pursuit of "Red Dwarf".