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asv_hertha              wiener_sportclub              sk_admira_wien              rapid_wien_austria_wien              floridsdorfer_ac              simmeringer_sc              brigittenauer_ac              linzer_ask              sc_wacker_wien              kremser_sc              sk_slovan              admira_wien              fc_wacker_innsbruck              vöest_linz              kapfenberger_sv              sk_rapid_wien              vse_sankt_pölten              admira_wacker_wien              dsv_leoben              fc_admira_wacker              vfb_admira_wacker_mödling              fc_lustenau              sv_stockerau              wacker_innsbruck              pasching              tirol_innsbruck              fk_austria_wien              tsv_hartberg              wacker_wien              lask_linz              austria_wien_rapid_wien              sk_sturm_graz              smistik              swarovski_tirol              grazer_ak              fc_kärnten              admira              kaburek              kirbes              sk_admira              schwarz_weiß_bregenz              germania_königshütte              ostbahn_xi              sk_vorwärts_steyr              weselik              vfb_mödling              austria_wien              kaspirek              wismut_karl_marx_stadt              pfadi_winterthur             

Examples of "sv_amateure"
It was contested by 12 teams, and SV Amateure won the championship.
It was contested by 13 teams, and SV Amateure won the championship.
The 1938–39 season saw four new clubs in the league, SV Amateure Fiat, Grazer SC, SK Amateure Steyr and Reichsbahn Wacker Wiener Neustadt.
Hamburger SV II are the reserve team of German association football club Hamburger SV. Until 2005 the team played as Hamburger SV Amateure.
In 1911–12 WAF finished fourth in the league. After finishing second in 1912–13, they won the league in 1913–14. In 1921–22 the club won the Austrian Cup for the only time in their history, beating SV Amateure 2–1 in the final.
After playing youth and amateur football for his hometown club MTV Dettum and Hamburger SV Amateure, Merkhoffer joined Bundesliga side Eintracht Braunschweig in 1968. In Braunschweig he played 419 games in the Bundesliga between 1968 and 1983, becoming a mainstay in the club's defense for almost 16 years.
In 1924, due to the Olympic Games in Paris, the championships of Poland were not played. Therefore, Pogoń had a lot of time for numeral friendly games, both with Polish and foreign opponents. Altogether, the club played 55 matches, including 24 with teams from other countries. Among others, it beat the 1922 champion of Denmark, Kjøbenhavns Boldklub (3:1), twice beat HAŠK Zagreb (4:2 and 2:1), and twice lost to the champion of Austria, SV Amateure (0:1, 0:2).
Pogoń was at the height of its form in the 1925 football season. For nine months of that year, the Leopolitans did not lose a single game to a Polish opponent, finally conceding an away game vs. Polonia Warszawa on September 13. The club purchased a very talented goalkeeper from Katowice, Emil Goerlitz, who also represented the national team of the country. Apart from winning the Polish championships, Pogoń played against teams as Hakoah Vienna (2:1, 0:2), WAC Vienna (4:0 and 1:3), SV Amateure (3:1, 2:2), Simmering (0:2, 2:4), and Sparta Prague. The lineup consisted of Gorlitz (golakeeper), Olearczyk and Giebartowski (defenders), Hanke, Fichtel, Gulicz (midfielders), Slonecki, Batsch, W. Kuchar, Grabien and Szabakiewicz (forwards).