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Examples of "svenja"
Svenja is a feminine given name used in German-speaking countries. This name is very rarely used in other countries. Notable people with the first name Svenja are:
Svenja Pages (born August 3, 1966 in Rheydt, Germany) is a German television actress.
Svenja Jung (born May 28, 1993 in Weroth) is a German actress.
Ancaster Hall () provides accommodation for about 270 students. and the current warden is Professor Svenja Adolphs.
Svenja Huth will play for the German side Turbine Potsdam for the 2015-16 season.
Svenja Würth (born 20 August 1993) is a German ski jumper.
Eliminated: "Maria, Virginia, Svenja, Susi, Susanne, Ramona, Mariam, Ludivine and Lorena
At the park, everybody starts partying and drinking. When Chris attempts to push Sarah into the pool, she kicks him in the face, pissing him off. Meanwhile, Carter and Svenja go swimming together. Svenja goes to a slide, and Carter waits for her, but he's attacked by the killer, who hacks him to death, before splitting Svenja vertically in half when she comes down the slide.
Svenja Huber (born 23 October 1985) is a German handball player for Borussia Dortmund Handball and the German national team.
In 2009 Svenja Bazlen finished her studies in physical education and moved to Freiburg, where the Olympic high performance centre is located.
Svenja Huth (born 25 January 1991) is a German footballer, currently playing for Turbine Potsdam and the Germany women's national football team.
Svenja Schlicht (born 26 June 1967 in Neumünster) is a German former swimmer who competed in the 1984 Summer Olympics and in the 1988 Summer Olympics.
On 8 July 2011 Kahn married his girlfriend Svenja in Munich. The couple has a son, Julian (born 1 February 2011).
As the jury couldn't decide whether Betty or Svenja should get the chance to attend the Talent Check, they let them have a singing battle, for which they were coached by Marit Larsen.
Schneider lives in Monte Carlo with his girlfriend Svenja and their daughter Lilly-Sophie. He also has children Lisa-Marie and Luca Maximilian with his ex-wife Nicole. Schneider still enjoys karting.
Svenja Bazlen (born 3 January 1984, in Stuttgart) is a German professional triathlete, and a reserve member of the National Team (B-Kader). Together with Anja Dittmer she qualified for the Olympic Games in London 2012.
Jauch and Thea have two biological daughters, Svenja (born in 1989) and Kristin (born in 1993). The couple later adopted two orphaned daughters in 1997 and 2000, named Katja and Masha.
By the female participants, Svenja Puls, Germany, got a major lead of 15 points, with four wins out of six races, over her opponent Silvia Zennaro from Italy. Elisabet Llargués Masachs from Spain took the bronze.
Svenja Weidemann (born 22 September 1980 in Marburg) is a German tennis player. She won two singles titles on the ITF tour and on 12 April 2010 reached a singles ranking high of world number 496.
In medieval Swedish "sven" (or "sven av vapen" (sven of arms)) is a term for squire. The female equivalent Svenja, though seemingly Dutch and Scandinavian, is not common anywhere outside of German-speaking countries.