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festoons              scrollwork              cherubs              garlands              jabots              palmettes              fretwork              quatrefoils              anthemion              dentils              colonettes              arabesques              festooned              lambrequins              strapwork              cornices              ornately              friezes              triglyphs              candelabras              adorning              bedecked              palmette              crockets              cornucopias              cartouches              bargeboards              spandrels              balustrades              jewelled              overmantel              lappets              bucrania              parasols              quatrefoil              acanthus              edgings              headdresses              garlanded              wreathed              mantelpiece              kerchiefs              pediments              vergeboards              sunbursts              flounces              baldachin              wreaths              canopied              marquetry             

Examples of "swags"
Swags are still heavily used, particularly in Australia, by overlanders. There are still a large number of manufacturers actively making both standard and custom-design swags.
embellishments as well as the garland swags on the front porch portico. The rear of the dwelling, which appears
Inmates from the centre make padded, waterproof "Street Swags", distributed by national charities to alleviate the hardship of homelessness.
The interior is panelled to dado level and in the Music Room there is a cornice decorated with swags and paterae and a marble fireplace decorated with cupids, urns and more swags. The music room is situated at the eastern end of the ground floor.
The traditional Scottish sport of shinty has developed the terminology "SWAGs" to refer to the wives and partners of shinty players. The terms was given further credence by an hour long documentary on BBC Alba, following various partners throughout a shinty season. Some of the "SWAGs" featured in the programme have been given further prominence in print and at shinty events.
Swags have been carried by shearers, miners, the unemployed, and many others, some of whom would have been happy to have been called swagmen and some not.
A modern swag is a waterproof canvas sleeping compartment that is sometimes insect-proof. All swags come with a foam mattress, and can comfortably be slept in with the addition of a pillow and sleeping bag. When rolled up the swag is relatively lightweight and compact, making it ideal for storage and transport. It is typically easy to erect, and roll up can be done quickly. Swags are still heavily used in Australia, by overlanders. There are still a large number of manufacturers actively making both standard and custom-design swags. The modern swag is designed for robustness and is marketed towards those travelling by vehicle – they are too heavy and bulky to be transported long distances on foot. Bushwalkers and hikers would use conventional lightweight tents and sleeping bags. More recently, several camping supply firms have produced readymade bedrolls along the pattern of the original swag, and refer to these as "swags".
A jabot , also called cascade or tail, is a vertical pleated piece of window treatment used with festoons or swags along the top of a window on the inside of a building. The usual purpose of a jabot is to hide the seams between individual swags, though for treatments with only one swag their purpose is simply decorative (unlike most curtains, jabots do not serve to block the passage of light).
the rich mixture of building materials, textures and forms...brick, stone, metal, a corner turret, a balcony, bay windows, stained glass, garlands and swags [that] are combined here in a lively yet coherent manner."
The lobby features recessed lights and a coved ceiling segmented and decorated with plaster swags of greenery. The ramp parallels the back wall and splits to access the balcony from opposite sides about a third of the way forward.
Refined Beaux-Arts embellishments accentuate the facade's key features. The main entrance is prominently centered and framed by a segmental arch bedecked by a keystone and festooned swags, and banded pilasters, which support an "audience balcony" above.
Swags have been recreated over the east windows. The interior is otherwise plain, other than Corinthian pilasters. In the vestry to the north west is crazy paving made from shattered tombstones.
Dazzle fabric is also used in some other applications, baby carriages and car seats are sometimes lined with dazzle fabric, and decorators have even incorporated dazzle fabric into window treatments such as swags and drapery panels.
The Torah Ark was an elaborate, multi-tiered confection in painted, carved wood, with columns, bas-relief menorahs, vases, floral swags, roofed towers, the tablets of the Ten Commandments and an eagle.
The interior features a baroque, open stairwell with a glazed dome and high relief swags. The neoclassical design is repeated in the former board room, which has stucco wall panels and Ionic columns and pilasters.
Mitchell and his mate drop their swags, and sit down in the mulga shade on the edge of a plain. Mitchell reflects about the last time he saw his family, after having been away for eight years. While he speaks, he holds a young cattle-pup, and intercuts his tale with the occasional observation about the pup's feet, or a request for a knife. With the tale complete, Mitchell and his mate take up their swags, "[turn] their unshaven faces to the wide, hazy distance, and [leave] the timber behind them."
The building is seven bays wide on the east and west sides and twelve bays long on the north and south sides. The east and west facades are dominated by central projecting pavilions. Each pavilion is articulated by four, three-story Corinthian order columns flanking window openings and linked by balustrades. At the second story, French windows are framed by engaged Doric columns and topped with sculptured swags and car-touches. Arched openings, enriched by keystones and swags, encompass the double-height windows that light the interior court-rooms at the third story.
The second-floor balcony is framed on either end by pilasters decorated with candelabra. Each wall is angled inward by two bays, with one of the bays behind the balustrade. It is reached via French doors which are framed by slit windows on either side. Pilasters decorated with candelabra are set between the four windows and the doors. A circular escutcheon framed with fruit-and-drapery swags tops each bay and the Frenc doors, while fruit-and-drapery swags link the pilaters over the slit windows.
Samuel McIntire designed this ornate Federal style garden house for Elias Hasket Derby's farm in Salem, Massachusetts. The structure is 20 feet square, 2½ stories high, decorated with pilasters, swags, and Grecian urns, and topped with rustic wood statues of a Reaper and Shepherdess (milkmaid). The ground floor is punctuated by central arched openings on the east and west facades, each flanked with arched windows with wooden keystones. The second floor is ornamented with swags and fluted Ionic pilasters at the corners and between windows. A young lady's diary from 1802 records her contemporary impressions:
The bedchamber closet is a perfect cube and has a ceiling design derived from the Queen's House, Greenwich. Originally the room would have contained around twenty seven paintings and access would have been restricted to Lady Burlington's closest friends. Prince of Wales swags and feathers can be seen in both rooms, possibly denoting the Villa as a Royal Palace.