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The preceding Poet Laureates included Gary Young, David Swanger and Ellen Bass
Swanger defeated incumbent Peter Zug in the 2006 Republican primary following the 2005 legislative pay raise.
This sister church is variously described as having been founded by Denver pastors Mike Sares and Reese Roper, or by John Swanger. Leaders of record are:
RoseMarie Swanger is a former Republican member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the 102nd District and was elected in 2006.
He was first elected to represent the 102nd legislative district in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 1992. He was defeated for re-election in the 2006 Republican primary by Rosemarie Swanger.
Swanger Hall, on the campus of Albion State Normal School in Albion, Idaho, was built in 1893. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.
Ada and Ruby as well as other members of their community, have several tense encounters with men of the Home Guard in Haywood County. Their branch is led by Captain Teague, whose grandfather once owned much of Cold Mountain. He and his deputies hunt deserters, partially with the goal of Teague's seizing their land. Teague also lusts after Ada. Meant to protect the South and its citizen population from the North, the Home Guard have become violent vigilantes, killing deserters and terrorizing citizens for helping the deserters. Teague and his men torture Mrs. Swanger to coax her deserter sons out of hiding, killing both boys and Mr. Swanger when they appear.
Along with former wrestler "Concrete Cowboy" Paul Swanger (aka "Paul Big Bear"), Apter sings and does comedic work in an "old school" nightclub act. Apter also works for the non-profit company AHEDD in Pennsylvania as an employment specialist. The company helps find jobs for people with disabilities and job coaching.
A sister church, Scum of the Earth Church Seattle, is located in Seattle, Washington. As told by Zach McCauley to Hayat Norimine of the "The Daily" in 2012, John Swanger, a member of the Denver church, moved to Seattle in 2003 "when he felt he had been called to the Northwest by God." After an experience with another Christian church, where he describes himself as having been "kicked out because he wore earrings," he founded the "Seattle Scum church." As described by McCauley, to whom Swanger "passed the torch" of church leadership at the Seattle church, six years later (and as of 2012 is the current pastor), Elsewhere, the church is reported as having been co-founded by Denver pastor Mike Sares and Reese Roper. The Swangers have subsequently moved back to Denver.
Swanger is a 1963 graduate of South Lebanon High School. She attended Thompson Institute and has completed management courses at Lebanon Valley College. She worked as a Clerk in the Mayor's office of Lebanon, Pennsylvania from 1966 through 1972, as Assistant City Clerk from 1972 through 1974, and as City Clerk for Lebanon, Pennsylvania from 1974 through 1984. She served as County Commissioner for Lebanon County from 1984 through 2004.
Shortly before Christmas in New York City, one-armed insurance investigator Jack Williams (Robert Swanger) is looking at a college yearbook photo of John Hansen when someone slips into his apartment and shoots him to death. Hot-headed private investigator Mike Hammer (Biff Elliot), Jack's war buddy, vows to avenge his friend's death despite a warning from Pat Chambers (Preston Foster), captain of the homicide squad, to let the police handle the case. Pat is unable to calm Mike, who roughs up a wisecracking reporter before leaving the crime scene. Knowing that Mike will forge ahead with an investigation regardless of his advice, Pat urges the offended reporter to publish an article disclosing that Mike is on the job.
Diamond successfully ran for the 102nd district after being endorsed by retiring representative RoseMarie Swanger. The campaign was contentious and controversial. Diamond's supporters filed legal challenges against the campaigns of Joe Eisenhauer and Wanda Bechtold. Eisenhauer was removed from the ballot for failing to file a financial statement, while Bechtold's nominating petition was found defective. As a result of these challenges, Diamond was the only candidate on the ballot in the May primary. Unopposed, he won the Republican primary with 56.7 percent of the vote, while Democrat Jake Long won the Democratic primary as a write-in. Diamond won the general election with 45 percent of the vote, defeating Democrat Jake Long, Independent Robert McAteer, and Bechtold, who ran as a write-in candidate.