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swimming              swims              paddling              swimmer              swimmers              swam              walk              diving              walking              rowing              ride              dive              skiing              wakeboarding              diver              jogging              jumping              skier              maze              paddleboarding              wading              kickboard              skandalopetra              kayaking              kayak              locomotion              swum              climbing              gliding              glide              wakeboarder              skimboard              climb              kayaker              andswimming              freediving              monofin              canoeing              snorkeling              skiers              kicking              wakeskating              riding              hydroplane              surfing              snowboarding              snowboarder              waterskiing              paddleboard              treadmill             

Examples of "swim"
G "ruulma", Y ipinyi, At ipinyi, A — "swim", Y "unma", At "unma", A "unma" "swim across", WCL pawœrpaga-, wœrpa paga-, wœrpaga-, pawœrulai-, wœrpu pudhai, wœrngupaga- "swim", (wœrai) thapai-, (pawœr) waya-/wayai- "swim along"
In June 2011 Strel completed his Colorado River Swim challenge for the documentary "Stan Lee's Superhumans" More about the swim can be found at: Colorado Swim 2011.
The swim coincided with the lowest coverage of Arctic sea ice ever recorded. After his swim Pugh explained his decision to swim in just a Speedo costume:
Jeff also has his own swim fins called Air Hubb swim fins.
The Ottawa Youth Olympians Swim Club is a competitive swim club located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.
Swim Miami takes place in April annually. Originally staged at the Miami Rowing Club in Key Biscayne, FL, the event moved to the Miami Yacht Club on Watson Island (Miami) in 2011. Swim Miami currently consists of four swims: a ten-kilometer swim, a five-kilometer swim, the Miami Mile, and an eight-hundred meter swim.
10 rounds 1) swim 25 yards, 2) complete 3 bar muscle-ups, 3) swim 25 yards
Haanappel learned to swim in a specialised disability learn to swim program in Kilsyth, Victoria.
Swim Ireland also organise The Liffey Swim which takes place in August to September annually.
Children can be taught, through a series of "prompts and procedures," to float on their backs to breathe, and then to flip over and swim toward a wall or other safe area. Children are essentially taught to swim, flip over and float, then flip over and swim again. Thus, the method is called "swim, float, swim."
Charlie Kennedy is the current head swim coach for Suburban Swim Center.
In August 2011, Adult Swim introduced Adult Swim Gold, a paywall available for cable and satellite subscribers with TV Everywhere authentication to see full episodes of Adult Swim programs. The selection of full episodes available on Adult Swim Video for public viewing without using Adult Swim Gold was greatly reduced from the prior offering. As of June 2014, the service has been combined with "Watch [adult swim]" (see also "Live Stream in the United States") with the latest episodes available only to subscribers.
Daniel went on to swim for Loughborough University swim team, as well as study sports science at the University.
Chocolate Swim is a free download album released in 2006 by Adult Swim and Chocolate Industries (through Williams Street Records).
Nager is French for "swim". Ex. J'aime nager a la mere. Translation: I like to swim in the sea
Despite being an experienced mariner, Slocum never learned to swim and considered learning to swim to be useless.
swim course – 1,500m. The swim took place in the Strathclyde Loch on a course consisting of two laps of 750m.
swim course – 250m. The swim took place in the Strathclyde Loch on a course consisting of one lap.
It is often the first swim stroke used by young children when they are learning to swim.
The SAA Virtual Swim Program allows people the chance to fundraise for SAA with an individual swim, or by participating in another non-SAA event. A swimmer or group of swimmers may complete a swim that is not organized as a Swim Across America event and donate fundraising to the organization. Some virtual swim participants complete swims as part of other events, such as the swimming portion of a triathlon or a race during a swim meet. Virtual swim participants choose their distance and fundraising goals, and are of all ages and ability levels.