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swam              dives              paddling              swim              wriggling              wades              crouches              leaping              paddled              flings              drowns              chases              wriggles              submerges              wading              shallows              trolled              wanders              frolicking              rushes              lunging              plunges              slithers              defecates              sways              sunbathe              dived              rowboat              baitfish              slithering              lunges              bobbing              hugs              snorkeling              urinates              tumbles              sunbathes              shooed              hugging              snorkelers              strolls              oneswedish              mudskippers              striders              wakeboarder              drown              flutters              frightens              midwater              fished             

Examples of "swims"
Long-distance swims tend to fall into one of two categories: (1) swims in which the start date and start time are chosen by the individual swimmer (often called solo-swims), and (2) swims that involve a group-start.
She swims with Benjamin Le Maguet and Danilo Zocco.
Blume swims for the Sigma Nordsjælland club in Denmark.
A recitative sets the scene, "" ("My heart swims in blood").
He also swims for the Gosford Stingrays Swim Club.
She swims with the Nunawading Swimming Club in Melbourne.
40 – 1833 Swims the Rapids below Niagara Falls, almost drowns.
When a person swims under the water, water pressure is felt acting on the person's eardrums. The deeper that person swims, the greater the pressure. The pressure felt is due to the weight of the water above the person. As someone swims deeper, there is more water above the person and therefore greater pressure. The pressure a liquid exerts depends on its depth.
The Queen of the Channel is a title bestowed on the woman who has completed more successful swims of the English Channel than any other. It is held by Alison Streeter with a total of 43 swims.
Malik had also conducted several solo swims locally, including swims between Penang and the mainland (7.8 km to 12 km), Pulau Besar to Mersing (18 km), and Kuala Perlis to Kuah (48 km, in 14 hours)
Silverman now swims at NCAA Division I college University of Southern California.
This is a list of notable successful swims across the English Channel.
It eats mostly small fish, shrimp and other crustaceans, waiting until its prey swims nearby.
If a ship starts at and swims straight to the North Pole, the travel distance is
1992 Seven English Channel swims in one season (one every 10 days)
During the school year, Kier swims in Las Vegas, Nevada under the coach Jim Reitz.
"Sepia bandensis" "walks", rather than swims, using its arms and the flaps of the mantle.
Pugh has undertaken a number of symbolic swims to highlight environmental issues:
One southeast Asian species, "S. cataracta", is amphibious, and swims and walks underwater.
All swims were done to promote his lifetime advocacy for clean seas and beaches.