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Examples of "sydes"
Sydes made his film debut in "Claudia and David" (1946). Sydes' last film appearance was in "Gunsmoke in Tucson" (1958).
She was born Annette Carol Sydes to Thomas and Ruth Sydes, who had three other children: Anthony, Jonathan, and Debbie, Her father was a high school English teacher, and she attended North Hollywood High School, where she was a cheerleader.
Sydes was born May 4, 1941, in North Hollywood, California. He was the son of Thomas and Ruth Sydes, and he had a brother, Jonathan, and two sisters, Debbie and Carol.
Sydes was married to the former Ann Driscoll. They had two daughters and a son.
Sydes died in Springfield, Virginia on June 20, 2015. He was survived by three children, and nine grandchildren.
Thomas Anthony Sydes (May 4, 1941 – June 20, 2015) was an American child actor on film and television.
Sydes founded A&A Auction Gallery in 1980, and became a member of the National Auctioneers Association.
Honeytrap are a soft-rock band from Coventry, England, consisting of Daniel "Big Dan" Sydes on guitar and lead vocals, Daniel "Little Dan" White on violin and vocals, Sophie Dodds on bass guitar and vocals, and John Bolton on drums.
Cindy Carol (born October 11, 1944, in Los Angeles, California, United States, North America) is an American actress. She was credited as Carol Sydes before her starring role as Gidget in "Gidget Goes to Rome" (1963).
After his retirement from acting, Sydes joined the United States Army in 1963, and was stationed in Vietnam, Germany, and Italy. He earned a National Defense Service Medal and a Purple Heart for his 20 years of service.
Wally has several girlfriends through the series' run, with Mary Ellen Rogers (Pamela Baird, occasionally as Pamela Beaird, April 16, 1958 – June 6, 1963) and Julie Foster (Cheryl Holdridge, January 7, 1961 – April 11, 1963) making many appearances. Carol Sydes (aka Cindy Carol) appears as Wally's first girlfriend, Penny Jamison, in "Wally's Girl Trouble", and later appears as classmate and date Alma Hanson.
Descher also appeared in a recurring role as Judy Massey, a daughter of the Loretta Young character, Christine Massey, in the CBS family drama, "The New Loretta Young Show" (1962–1963), with co-stars Beverly Washburn, Carol Sydes, Dirk Rambo, and Dack Rambo.
She appeared for a 26-week season as older daughter Vickie Massey in "The New Loretta Young" in which Young played the widowed mother of seven who earns her living as a magazine writer in Connecticut. Washburn's other co-stars included James Philbrook, Dirk Rambo, Dack Rambo, Carol Sydes, and Sandy Descher.
The Massey children include twin sons and five daughters. Actual twins Dack Rambo and Dirk Rambo, then twenty-one, played Peter and Paul, respectively. The daughters were Celia Kaye as Marnie, Sandy Descher as Judy, Tracy Stratford as Maria, Carol Sydes as Binkie, and Beverly Washburn as Vickie. Washburn appeared earlier in the film "Old Yeller".
Alan Muir wrote about the team: "The fact that the club survived all of those tough periods was due to the dedication and vision of men like our Foundation President Wal Mason followed by other outstanding Administrative personalities in Jim Prendergast, Maurie Richards, Dick Sydes, Tom Borrowman, Reg Watson, Jack McNamara and Dave Imrie through to more recent administrators covering both football and the licensed club in Ron Fowlie, Gary Bullivant, Van Rakowski, Geoff Gosling and Mark Thompson”.
Under the name of Carol Sydes, she made a guest appearance in an episode of "Medic" that same year. This was followed by guest appearances in seven episodes of "Leave It to Beaver" in the years 1957–60, four of them in the role of Alma Hanson, the other three (one uncredited) in various other roles. Following guest appearance on "My Three Sons" in 1961 and "The Donna Reed Show" in 1962, she played the roles of Betty in the film "Cape Fear" and Binkie Massey in the 1962–63 CBS television series "The New Loretta Young Show", which ran only for 26 weeks.
The spur was described by Rowland Johnson, Surveyor of Berwick upon Tweed who came to assist the siege of Edinburgh Castle on 26 January 1573 during civil war in Scotland;"we fynd upon the said este syde a spurre lyke a bulwarke standing befor the foot of the rocke, which spurre enclosethe that syde flanked out one bothe sydes; on the sowthe syde is the gaite wher they enter the castle. Which spur is like 20 foote high vamured with turf and basketes set and furnished with ordinance." A woodcut illustration of Ubaldini's spur appeared in Holinshed's "Chronicle" depicting the 1573 siege which may derive from a drawing made by Johnson. Ubaldini went on to design works at Dunbar Castle in September which were demolished in 1567, and perhaps at Stirling Castle where there are remains of a similar work, called the 'French Spur,' still French insignia.
In 1969, Gamble departed the band and was replaced by Mike Ramsey. The band returned to Tucson, becoming the house band for the Cedars music club, with the brothers also working part-time as plumbers in their family business. In 1981, the Lewallen Brothers went on a decade-long hiatus after Bobby Lewallen died from cancer. Returning in the early 1990s without Tim Lewallen, who decided to become a plumber full-time, the band occasionally performed around Arizona. The compilation album "Hitch-Hike" was released in December 1995, and featured all the group's recorded material. Other albums the band appears on include "The Cicadelic Sixties, Volume 7 - From Texas to Tucson!", "", "", "The Tucson Sound 1960–1968: Think of the Good Times!", and "Wyld Sydes, Volume 4".
After Bobby Holliday returned from California, he and Mack Sanders played together in various configurations throughout the 1970s and 1980s. They formed a band called Tomorrow which opened for well-established acts such as Fleetwood Mac (during their Bob Welch period), Steely Dan, and ZZ Top. In the mid-1970s through early 1980s Holliday, who had long enjoyed folk music and bluegrass, performed as solo act in coffee houses and small clubs across the Southeast. He recorded two albums, "Home Grown" and "Another Stage," which achieved some regional success. He also played in a duo with Mack Sanders' brother, David Sanders, in the late 1970s. At this time Mack Sanders recorded an album with popular act, Anthem. In the early 1980s Holliday formed a band with Sanders brothers called the Sanders/Holliday Band and recorded an album. They opened for Elvin Bishop in Springfield, Missouri, and traveled exhaustively for a few years. In the mid 1980s Holliday, tired of constant touring, played in as a house act in Greenville, while pursuing a songwriting career in Nashville. He opened for a show for Ray Charles at a festival of 80,000 people. He retired from lieve performing in 1992, devoting his full-time to songwriting and became a staff writer in Nashville with Milsap/Galbrath Publishing, a company owned by Ronnie Milsap and producer, Rob Galbrath. In the mid 1990s he left the music industry to become involved in the health and nutrition industry, however in recent years he has resumed songwriting and recording. The Bojax' work has been re-issued on various compilations since the 1990s. "Go ahead and Go" appears on both the LP and CD versions of "Back from the Grave, Volume 8." "Hippie Times" is included on "Wyld Sydes, Volume 8." "Fast Life" appears on "Quagmire, Volume 1." In 2004 the Bojax complete recordings were released on the ten-inch EP, "Don't Look Back."