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muriel_hurtis              odiah_sidibé              karin_mayr              alenka_bikar              melanie_paschke              petya_pendareva              marina_kislova              irina_khabarova              laurence_bily              fabe_dia              olga_kotlyarova              natalya_ignatova              yuliya_tabakova              christine_arron              glory_alozie              marina_trandenkova              natallia_safronnikava              muriel_hurtis_houairi              antonina_yefremova              mercy_nku              hana_benešová              kim_gevaert              ionela_târlea              johanna_manninen              helena_fuchsová              manuela_levorato              linda_ferga              larisa_kruglova              paraskevi_patoulidou              gabi_rockmeier              frédérique_bangué              lucrécia_jardim              grażyna_prokopek              svetlana_goncharenko              natalya_nazarova              brigita_langerholc              fabé_dia              zuzanna_radecka              endurance_ojokolo              kaltouma_nadjina              véronique_mang              galina_malchugina              katia_benth              anelia_nuneva              birgit_rockmeier              grit_breuer              sviatlana_usovich              heidi_hannula              yevgeniya_polyakova              mireille_nguimgo             

Examples of "sylviane_félix"
She competed at the 2005 Mediterranean Games in the 100 metres which was held at Almería. She went on to win gold, 0.02 ahead of compatriot Sylviane Félix. She later teamed up with Félix, Lina Jacques-Sebastien and Fabé Dia to win the 4 x 100 metres relay
Her first major success came at the 1998 IAAF World Junior Championships in Annecy, France, where she won the 200 m gold medal. She made her first senior global appearance at age 20 at the 1999 World Championships in Athletics and, after running a personal best of 22.31 seconds in the qualifiers, she finished fifth in the 200 m semi-finals. She ran with the women's 4×100 metres relay team and scored a silver medal alongside Sylviane Félix, Frédérique Bangué, and Odiah Sidibé. Hurtis made her Olympic debut the following year at the 2000 Summer Olympics and again she reached the semi-finals, this time finishing in seventh place. Hurtis's first global final came at the 2001 IAAF World Indoor Championships, where she finished in fifth. She also helped the French relay team to the World silver medal at the 2001 World Championships in Athletics later that year.
She continued her strong form into 2003, recording a French indoor record of 22.49 seconds in the 200 m at the 2003 IAAF World Indoor Championships before going on to win the gold medal. At the 2003 World Championships in Athletics she finished in fourth place, but the original winner (Kelli White) was stripped of her medal for using banned substances and Hurtis was upgraded to the bronze medal. Further complicating the situation, Anastasiya Kapachinskaya, who was upgraded to the gold medal was banned six months later for steroid use. Hurtis went on to win her second medal of the competition by winning the relay with Sylviane Félix, Christine Arron and Patricia Girard. At the inaugural 2003 IAAF World Athletics Final, she won the 200 m gold and took fifth in the 100 m.