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neurosyphilis              tuberculous              neonatorum              chorioretinitis              meningoencephalitis              retinochoroiditis              syphilis              lymphangitis              balanoposthitis              cerebritis              labyrinthitis              fibrinopurulent              elephantiasis              treponematoses              thrombophlebitis              oesophagostomiasis              exanthem              episcleritis              encephalitic              meningtitis              menieres              fibromyalgias              brugiasis              coccidioidal              recrudescent              sarcocystosis              tracheitis              chlamydiosis              bronchopneumonia              lymphadenitis              septicaemia              neurodermatitis              nondularis              gonorrheal              mycobacteriosis              granulomatosus              borreliose              mucoenteritis              mucomembranous              ameobic              postinfectious              tonsillitis              mycetoma              mononucleosis              noncontagious              suppurative              diseasechronic              tonsilitis              poliomyelitis              vulvovaginitis             

Examples of "syphilitic"
Döhle is remembered for his work in the field of histopathology, particularly in his research of syphilitic inflammation of the aorta. He is credited with providing a clear anatomical understanding of syphilitic aortitis. A sometimes-used synonym of syphilitic aortitis is "Döhle-Heller aortitis", named after Döhle and Arnold Ludwig Gotthilf Heller (1840-1913), Döhle's mentor in Kiel.
The Chicago gangster Al Capone died of syphilitic paresis, having contracted syphilis in a brothel prior to Prohibition and the Volstead Act and not having been treated for it in time to prevent the development of syphilitic paresis in himself.
There are many differences and similarities between the conditions syphilitic chancre and chancroid.
Wheeler died at the age of 42, of syphilitic locomotor ataxia. He was interred at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati.
Brush, Edward N. “Syphilitic Affections of the Nervous System,” "Buffalo Medical and Surgical Journal" 14(4) (November 1874): 130-134.
In the Dick Francis novel, "Bonecrack", it is suggested that the villain has advanced syphilitic monomania (or general paresis).
Late congenital syphilitic oculopathy is a disease of the eye, a manifestation of late congenital syphilis. It can appear as:
His name is associated with "Jacobson's retinitis", a condition that is also referred to as syphilitic retinitis.
Brush, Edward N. “Syphilitic Affections of the Nervous System,” "Buffalo Medical and Surgical Journal" 14(3) (October 1874): 81-91.
Plaut is remembered for his research on the syphilitic origin of general paresis, as well as his work with August von Wassermann (1866-1925) in the development of a serological test for syphilis. Plaut performed extensive research of syphilis and its correlation to psychiatric disorders, and conducted early studies in neuroimmunology involving the brain's immune reaction to syphilitic infiltration.
Syphilitic gummas are found in most but not all cases of tertiary syphilis, and can occur either singly or in groups. Gummatous lesions are usually associated with long-term syphilitic infection; however, such lesions can also be a symptom of benign late syphilis.
The nexus between them is the great-grandfather's memoirs, a syphilitic in exile which commits suicide, and whose writings where kept by the family.
Suffering from syphilitic dementia, Capone deteriorated mentally during his imprisonment in Alcatraz. As a result, at the end of 1939, Capone was due for early release.
Cardiovascular syphilis usually occurs 10–30 years after the initial infection. The most common complication is syphilitic aortitis, which may result in aneurysm formation.
Degos became the "Chair in skin and syphilitic diseases" and chief of the first department of Dermatology at the Hopital Saint-Louis in 1951.
The types of neurosyphilis include asymptomatic, acute syphilitic meningitis, meningovascular syphilis, parenchymatous syphilis (which includes general paresis and tabes dorsalis), and optic atrophy.
As an ophthalmologist, Lapersonne made contributions in his investigations of syphilitic optic neuritis, and ophthalmoneuromyelitis (Devic's disease). "De Lapersonne's capsulo-iridotome", a punch forceps used in eye surgery, is named after him.
Seler characterizes Nanahuatzin ("Little Pustule Covered One"), who is deformed by syphilis, as an aspect of Xolotl in his capacity as god of monsters, deforming diseases, and deformities. The syphilitic god Nanahuatzin is an avatar of Xolotl.
He was already showing signs of syphilitic dementia early in his sentence, and he became increasingly debilitated before being released after eight years. On January 25, 1947, Capone died of cardiac arrest after suffering a stroke.
In the 1952 novel, 'The Ivory Grin', by Ross McDonald, and in the 1953 novel, "A Pocket Full of Rye," by Agatha Christie, paresis is used as an explanation for the behavior of a character, without mentioning the syphilitic connection.