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Examples of "sytsma"
John Frederick Sytsma was born on 22 July 1921 in Paterson, New Jersey.
Sytsma ran for a third term as president of the 26,000-member union in August 1986.
In 1954 Sytsma joined the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers in Hawthorne, New Jersey.
Sytsma was elected President of the BLE in 1976, and was reelected in 1981.
Sytsma and his wife moved to Salt Lake City after his retirement from the union in 1986.
In 1982 Sytsma was named a member of the National Labor Advisory Council of the Republican National Committee.
Tailback Marion Barber Jr. received the team's Most Valuable Player award. Barber Jr., kicker Paul Rogind, defensive back Keith Brown and defensive end Stan Sytsma were named All-Big Ten first team. Nose guard Doug Friberg and defensive tackle Jim Ronan were named All-Big Ten second team. Sytsma was named Academic All-Big Ten.
In February 1985 the union held a referendum on recalling Sytsma due to allegations of abuse of office. It was narrowly defeated.
Sara Sytsma of AllMusic gave it three out of five stars and was given an "Album Pick" tag, calling it "a well-produced
John Frederick Sytsma (22 July 1921 – 29 May 2007) was President of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers (BLE) from 1976 to 1986.
This was agreed by most of the unions. Sytsma held out for a guarantee that locomotive engineers would retain their 15% salary differential over other train crew members.
In May 1986 Sytsma was involved in negotiations with Amtrak over a dispute that could have led to a strike affecting hundreds of thousands of commuters on the east coast of the USA.
collection of mainstream, adult contemporary-oriented pop/rock." But Sytsma commented that Walters "doesn't possess a great voice, but the producers of the album are quite talented; in their hands, he sounds very good."
due to nomenclatural priority. The latter subsumed Vivianiaceae based on the work of Sytsma, Spalink & Berger (2014). However, there remains substantial uncertainty regarding the relationships within Francoaceae "sensu stricto" ("s.s."), Melianthaceae (Bersama
The church is governed by a board of elders. Currently, David Ralph is the lead pastor over all Lakeside ministries, and Justin Sytsma is the pastor over Lakeside Downtown.
Sara Sytsma of Allmusic rated the album two-and-a-half stars out of five, saying that it "featur[es] a handful of great songs that cancel out the fair amount of filler on the record." Chet Flippo of "Billboard" called it "traditional, uncompromising John Anderson country".
"New York"s art critic Jerry Saltz is a judge on Bravo's fine art reality competition series "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist". Additionally, Grub Street Senior Editor Alan Sytsma appeared as a guest on judge on three episodes of the .
Daughter of van Lo(u)w Broers Bonninga and Hylck Feyckesd. van Harinxma and married to Jelmer Sytsma; her father was a member of the Schieringers. When her spouse was captured by the Vetkopers in 1494, she defended the fortress until she could have her spouse released and receive a promise of free evacuation.
Walker and Sytsma (2007) also addressed the question of whether "Salvia" is truly polyphyletic or just paraphyletic within the tribe Mentheae. To make "Salvia" monophyletic would require the inclusion of 13 species from "Rosmarinus", "Perovskia", "Dorystaechas", "Meriandra", and "Zhumeria" genera. The information attained by Walker and Sytsma (2007) supporting the three independent origins of the staminal lever indicate that "Salvia" is not the case where 13 species (currently not members of the genus) are actually members of "Salvia" but underwent character reversals—in other words, "Salvia" is paraphyletic as previously circumscribed [12]. In 2017 Drew et al. recircumscribed "Salvia", proposing that the five small embedded genera ("Dorystaechas, Meriandra, Perovskia, Rosmarinus, and Zhumeria") be subsumed into a broadly defined "Salvia". This approach would require only 15 name changes whereas maintaining the five small genera and renaming various "Salvia" taxa would require over 700 name changes[13].
Steve Midboe received the team's Most Valuable Player award. Kicker Paul Rogind and defensive tackle Steve Midboe were named All-Big Ten first team. Defensive tackle Mark Merrill, center Mark Slater and defensive back Bobby Weber were named All-Big Ten second team. Offensive lineman Dennis Fitzpatrick, offensive lineman Bryson Hollimon, defensive lineman Stan Sytsma and corner back Bob Weber were named Academic All-Big Ten.