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chojnacki              sobczak              wnuk              bednarz              cebula              zagorski              christov              drozdowski              karpowicz              stankiewicz              rojek              grosman              palka              sroka              holan              roszkowski              janicki              guzy              andrzejewski              kijewski              plachta              markowski              niemczyk              wilczynski              kwiatkowska              gulya              wierzbicki              pozniak              milovanovic              mikula              kokot              czajkowski              ciesielski              jankowska              novack              wiech              ciszewski              marzec              wachowiak              geppert              januszewski              halicka              trojanowska              mesaros              mackiewicz              golob              engelking              marczak              gawlik              kaczmarczyk             

Examples of "szulc"
Szulc was a Knight of the French "Légion d'honneur".
Tadeusz Witold Szulc (July 25, 1926 – May 21, 2001) was an author and foreign correspondent for "The New York Times" from 1953 to 1972. Szulc is credited with breaking the story of the Bay of Pigs invasion.
From 1953 to 1972 Szulc was a foreign correspondent for "The New York Times".
Caroline Schultze (born Karola Szulc, 20 May 1866) was a Polish physician who worked in France.
Szulc died in 2001 in Washington, D.C. of hepatocellular carcinoma and lung cancer, aged 74.
Szulc is a Polish surname, a version of the German surname Schulz. Notable people with the surname include:
Dominik Szulc (June 10, 1787 – December 27, 1860) was a Polish philosopher, historian, and a significant precursor to Polish positivism.
Jarosław Marek Rymkiewicz ("Jarosław Marek Szulc"; born 13 July 1935, in Warsaw) is a Polish poet, essayist, dramatist and literary critic. He is the son of Władysław Szulc, of German and Polish origin, who changed his last name to Rymkiewicz (a writer) and of Hanna Baranowska, of German and Tatar origin (a physician).
Josef Zygmunt Szulc (4 April 1875, Warsaw, Warsaw Governorate, Russian Empire – 10 April 1956, Paris, France) was a composer and conductor. He also used the pseudonum Jan Sulima.
Other German spellings include: Schultz, Schulze, Schultheis, Schultze, Schulte, Schulten, Schulzke, Schultheiß and Schuldt. Adapted spellings used in other languages include Shultz, Šulc and Szulc.
In May 1845, a Polish resistance movement in the city was organized by Kazmierz Szulc, whose aim was to prepare local Polish youth for an uprising.
Jakub Szulc (born December 21, 1973 in Kłodzko) is a Polish politician. He was elected to the Sejm on September 25, 2005 getting 5004 votes in 2 Wałbrzych district, candidating from the Civic Platform list.
Following the outbreak of World War II the activity of PTS was suspended until April 1947, when Professor Stefan Szulc became its new President and the publication of "Statistical Review" was resumed.
The Cairo Conservatoire was preceded by, but should not be confused with, several other smaller Cairo institutions with similar names, such as the conservatoires of Ignaz Tiegerman and Joseph Szulc.
Schultz, a German surname derived from Schultheiß. It exists in many variations, such as Schuldt, Schulte, Schulten, Schultheis, Schultheiß, Schultze, Schulz, Schulze and Schulzke. Adapted spellings used in other languages include Shultz, Šulc and Szulc.
According to Tad Szulc, Chopin composed a Veni Creator prayer that he played on the organ during Mass at St. Roch, the 'Polish Church' [for the Poles living in exile in Paris].
His mother was Julia Szulc-Chojnicka. His father, Czeslaw Janiszewski, was a graduate of the University of Warsaw and was an important person in finance, being the director of the Société du Crédit Municipal in Warsaw.
Active as well were precursors of Positivism such as Józef Supiński (1804–93) and Dominik Szulc (1797–1860)—links between the earlier Enlightenment age of the brothers Śniadecki and the coming age of Positivism.
Michel Szulc-Krzyzanowski (born 23 April 1949 in Oosterhout), is a Dutch photographic artist, possibly best known for his series of photographs of a Dutch woman, Henny, whom he has been documenting since the 1970s.
As part of his suit, Hunt filed a legal action in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in September 1978 requesting that Szulc be cited for contempt if he refused to divulge his sources. Three months earlier, Szulc stated in a deposition that he refused to name his sources due to "the professional confidentiality of sources" and "journalistic privilege". Rubin stated that knowing the source of the allegation that Hunt was in Mexico City in 1963 was important because Szulc's passage "is what everybody uses as an authority... he's cited in everything written on E. Howard Hunt". He added that rumors that Hunt was involved in the Kennedy assassination might be put to end if Szulc's source was revealed. Stating that Hunt had not provided a sufficient reason to override Szulc's First Amendment rights to protect the confidentiality of his sources, United States District Judge Albert Vickers Bryan Jr. ruled in favor of Szulc.