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fname              elementname              dbname              customername              objectname              columnname              mytable              attributename              fullname              typename              fieldname              viewname              itemname              fieldtype              qname              schemaname              objectclass              itemtype              subjectid              attrname              propertyname              classname              machinename              newname              firstname              tagname              objectid              employeename              elementtype              attributetype              entitytype              valuetype              entityid              lastname              appname              parametername              objectclasses              recordid              xmltype              empname              pname              xmlelement              attributevalue              xmlschema              entityname              empno              typeid              servername              typeof              rolename             

Examples of "tablename"
EXEC SQL INSERT INTO tablename VALUES (:variablename);
EXEC SQL SELECT columnname INTO :variablename FROM tablename;
A new track can be added using the tableName and a visibility of choice:
In C, all three methods can be used. When the first method is used, the programmer decides how the elements of the array are laid out in the computer's memory, and provides the formulas to compute the location of each element. The second method is used when the number of elements in each row is the same and known at the time the program is written. The programmer declares the array to have, say, three columns by writing e.g. elementtype tablename[][3];. One then refers to a particular element of the array by writing tablename[first index][second index]. The compiler computes the total number of memory cells occupied by each row, uses the first index to find the address of the desired row, and then uses the second index to find the address of the desired element in the row. When the third method is used, the programmer declares the table to be an array of pointers, like in elementtype *tablename[];. When the programmer subsequently specifies a particular element tablename[first index][second index], the compiler generates instructions to look up the address of the row specified by the first index, and use this address as the base when computing the address of the element specified by the second index.
Simply add to the end of the url any other desired tableName=visibility, connected to the url by an ampersand (&). The simplest way to learn the name of the table underlying a track is to do a mouseover in a Genome Browser image and read the url at the bottom of the browser page. The table is shown in the url as
It is often useful or necessary to know what identity value was generated by an INSERT command. Microsoft SQL Server provides several functions to do this: @@IDENTITY provides the last value generated on the current connection in the current scope, while IDENT_CURRENT("tablename") provides the last value generated, regardless of the connection or scope it was created on.
May include a publish/subscribe pattern to communicate the changed data to multiple targets. In this approach, triggers log events that happen to the transactional table into another queue table that can later be "played back". For example, imagine an Accounts table, when transactions are taken against this table, triggers would fire that would then store a history of the event or even the deltas into a separate queue table. The queue table might have schema with the following fields: Id, TableName, RowId, TimeStamp, Operation. The data inserted for our Account sample might be: 1, Accounts, 76, 11/02/2008 12:15am, Update.