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Examples of "tacen_whitewater"
Slovenia has won numerous titles in canoeing. It also host competitions at Tacen Whitewater Course. The most successful canoeists and kayakers are Peter Kauzer and Benjamin Savšek.
The Tacen Whitewater Course, located on a course on the Sava, northwest of the city center, hosts a major international canoe/kayak slalom competition almost every year, examples being the ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships in 1955, 1991, and 2010.
The 2017 European Canoe Slalom Championships will take place in Tacen, Slovenia under the auspices of the European Canoe Association (ECA). It will be the 18th edition of the competition and Tacen will host the event for the second time after previously hosting it in 2005. The events will take place at the Tacen Whitewater Course from 31 May to 4 June 2017.
Kayak races were first held at the Tacen Whitewater Course on the Sava in 1948. The dam for the hydroelectric plant makes it possible to control the water level. World championships were held here in 1955 and 1991, and there are annual national and international competitions.
The 2010 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships were held 8–12 September 2010 at Tacen Whitewater Course, Slovenia under the auspices of International Canoe Federation for the record-tying third time. Tacen hosted the event previously in 1955 and 1991 when it was part of Yugoslavia, and joins the following cities that have hosted the event three times: Spittal, Austria (1963, 1965, and 1977); Meran, Italy (1953, 1971, and 1983); Bourg St.-Maurice, France (1969, 1987, and 2002); and Augsburg, Germany (1957, 1985, and 2003). Women's single seat Canadian (C-1W) events became official after being an exhibition in the previous championships.
The Tacen Whitewater Course is a venue for canoe and kayak slalom competition in Tacen, Slovenia, a suburb of Ljubljana. Located on the Sava River, eight kilometers northwest of the city center, it is known locally as Kayak Canoe Club Tacen (). The course played an important role in development of the sport during the past six decades. In 1939, when its first competition was held, it was a natural rapid at the base of a dam in the Sava River. In 1990, after many upgrades, it was given a concrete channel and the features of a modern Olympic-style slalom course. The course now starts in the lake behind the dam, and the spillway is the first drop. Tacen hosts a major international competition almost every year, examples being the 1955, the 1991, and the 2010 Championships.
There are several sports and recreational grounds located on the river course or gravel pit and artificial lakes adjacent to the Sava. Tacen Whitewater Course, located on the right bank of the Sava in Tacen suburb of Ljubljana, was built as a permanent kayaking course in 1948. It hosts a major international competition almost every year, examples being the ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships in 1955, 1991, and 2010. In Zagreb, Jarun complex of lakes along the river course offers a range of facilities for swimming, water sports and cycling. The island of Ada Ciganlija in Belgrade is the major recreational zone of the city, gathering as much as 100,000 visitors daily in summer months.
The Sava then flows through the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, where another reservoir is located on the river, adjacent to the Tacen Whitewater Course. There the river course turns east and leaves the Ljubljana Basin via Dolsko, at a.s.l. (at confluence of the Ljubljanica and the Kamnik Bistrica). The course continues through the Sava Hills, where it passes the Litija Basin with the mining and industrial town of Litija, the Central Sava Valley with the mining towns of Zagorje ob Savi, Trbovlje, and Hrastnik, turns to the southeast and runs through the Lower Sava Valley with the towns of Radeče, Sevnica, and Krško. The course through the Sava Hills forms the boundary of traditional regions of Lower Carniola and Styria, At Radeče, the Vrhovo hydroelectric dam reservoir is located. The latter is site of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant, which uses the Sava River water to dissipate excess heat. The easternmost stretch of the Sava River course in Slovenia runs to the south of Brežice, where it is joined by the Krka, and the river ultimately becomes a border river between Slovenia and Croatia, marking of their border near confluence of the Sutla (). At that point, the Sava reaches a.s.l. after flowing through Slovenia and along its border.