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In molecular biology, this protein domain, TACI-CRD2 represents the second cysteine-rich protein domain found in the TACI family of proteins. Members of this family are predominantly found in tumour necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member 13b (TACI), and are required for binding to the ligands APRIL and BAFF. TACI-CRD2 stands for Transmembrane Activator and CAML Interactor- Cysteine Rich Domain 2.
Rezart Taci was born and raised in Tirana, Albania. In 1998, he began a career in the trading industry of finished oil products where he worked to establish his name. Mr. Taci has established a portfolio of companies in Energy and Media. In 2003 Taci established Taçi Oil International Trading and Supply Company Sh.A (Taci Oil). At its inception the company had only six employees and leased storage facilities in Shengjin-Lezhe, a port on the northern coast of Albania. Later, Taci Oil acquired this facility and expanded operations with additional tankers and added facilities in Porto-Durrës. The combined storage for the two facilities is over 80,000 cubic meters and expanding. In 2004, Taci established Anika Enterprises S.A. (ANIKA), a Switzerland-based company acting as the trading arm of Taci Oil, to support his operations and expand his international partnerships. In 2006, Taci established KUID Sh.p.k (KUID) in order to expand into the retail sector of refined products. The company began by operating 29 petrol stations. By 2009 the network of petrol stations had expanded to 84. As of 2012 there were over 300 Taci Oil petrol stations and 1400 employees. In 2008, Taci participated in the international tender for the privatization of Albanian Refining and Marketing of Oil Sh.A (ARMO). Taci was awarded the tender and acquired 85% of the shares of ARMO. In 2013 Taçi Oil sold 80% of the assets of ARMO, the oil refining business to Heaney Assets Corporation, an Azerbaijan corporation.
alone (TACI-CRD2) contains full affinity for both ligands.
Atacicept is a recombinant fusion protein built with the extracellular ligand binding portion of TACI. It blocks activation of TACI by APRIL and BLyS. It failed a phase II trial for multiple sclerosis.
TACI mutations are associated with immunodeficiency in humans, as a significant proportion of CVID patients have TACI mutations. People with this condition produce abnormally low amounts of antibodies, which are needed for protection against infections.
TACI-CRD1 forms TACI-CRD2 by removing the N-terminal cysteine rich domain by alternative splicing. This shorter form is capable of ligand-induced cell signaling and that the second CRD
TACI is a lymphocyte-specific member of the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor superfamily. It was originally discovered because of its ability to interact with calcium-modulator and cyclophilin ligand (CAML). TACI was later found to play a crucial role in humoral immunity by interacting with two members of the TNF family: BAFF and APRIL. These proteins signal through TACI inducing activation of several transcription factors including NFAT, AP-1, and NF-kappa-B which then modulate cellular activities. Defects in the function of TACI can lead to immune system diseases.
TACI controls T cell-independent B cell antibody responses, isotype switching, and B cell homeostasis.
Act III, scene 3 - Aria of Amasi, "Taci, o cor, in questo petto" [a non-Metastasian text]
ARMO oil refiner is one of the two oil refiners in Albania. It owns oil refineries at Ballsh and Fier, research center, 11 depots, a small network of fuel stations, and the Vlorë Terminal located in the south coast on Adriatic sea. The CEO of Armo Energy is Rezart Taci. Mr. Taci is also the head of Taçi Oil
On September 9, 2011 Taci Oil became an official sponsor of AC Milan. Beginning in 2008, in fact, Taci Oil was the main sponsor of Milan Junior Camp in Tirana. Since its founding, the camp has hosted about 1400 Albanian youths.
TACI functions as a negative regulator of BAFF function given that loss of TACI expression results in the overproduction of B lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell that guards against infection.Cytokines can be grouped into a family on the basis of sequence, functional and structural similarities.
A Total Anterior Circulation Infarct (TACI) is a type of cerebral infarction affecting the entire anterior circulation supplying one side of the brain.
Calcium modulating ligand (CAMLG or CAML), also known as calcium-modulating cyclophilin ligand, is a signalling protein recognized by the TNF receptor TACI.
Another B-cell activator like BAFF is APRIL (a proliferation-inducing ligand), but APRIL only activates BCMA and TACI, not BAFF-R.
There are a number of different families of TNF, but all these cytokines seem to form homotrimeric (or heterotrimeric in the case of LT-alpha/beta) complexes that are recognised by their specific receptors. TACI is a member of the tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily and has an important role as regulator of B cell function. TACI binds two ligands, APRIL and BAFF, which it binds to with high affinity and contains two cysteine-rich domains (CRDs) in its extracellular region.
Andrew Harwood died of respiratory failure following a severe asthma attack on 6 February 2008, at the age of 62. He was survived by his wife, and two daughters, Lani and Taci.
Transmembrane activator and CAML interactor (TACI), also known as tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 13B (TNFRSF13B) is a protein that in humans is encoded by the TNFRSF13B gene
TNFRSF13B is a transmembrane protein of the TNF receptor superfamily found predominantly on the surface of B cells, which are an important part of the immune system. TACI recognizes three ligands: APRIL, BAFF and CAML.