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gyu              cheol              gyeong              shik              woong              ryong              seong              hyeok              deok              beom              pyung              myeong              yeong              chul              hwan              byung              seok              joong              wook              gyung              hyeong              kyong              heon              myung              kyeong              seon              seung              hyung              gwang              kyoung              keun              kyu              kwang              ryul              byeong              ryeol              yeop              pyong              eunkim              ryoo              hyang              hyeon              heelee              byul              hyuk              deuk              chulpark              junkim              cheon              jaekwan             

Examples of "taek"
Kyung-taek, also spelled Kyong-taek, is a Korean male given name.
It is believed that Ban Hin Taek was the first Akha village in Thailand. It was founded in 1903 when the Akha entered Thailand from the easternmost Shan states of Burma. From that point onward we know very little of the happenings in Ban Hin Taek. Once Khun Sa appeared in Ban Hin Taek, we have an inflow of articles concerning Ban Hin Taek and his involvement with it.
Drama Lee Yun-Taek Problematic Person - Y'onsan French
Khanom thang taek, also known as poor man's pancake, is a roadside snack in Thailand. "Khamom thang taek" is a pancake with a bubble vesting face load with other toppings. "Khanom thang taek" is a Thai signature snack at the temple fairs. Formerly, people could find it only at temple fairs. Nowadays, this snack can found at many local markets or on the roadside.
Ban Ki-moon met Yoo Soon-taek in 1962 when they were both in high school. Ban was 18 years old, and Yoo Soon-taek was his secondary school's student council president. Ban Ki-moon married Yoo Soon-taek in 1971.
Chang Taek-sang or Jang Taek-sang (1893–1969) was a Korean Independence activist and South Korean policeman and politician. He was the third prime minister of South Korea and 1st Minister of Foreign Affairs. His nickname was Changrang.
Ban Hin Taek population of approximately 3000 people is very ethnically diverse consisting of Shan, Yunnanese, Akha, Lisu, Lahu, and other tribespeople. The Akha, who were the founders of Ban Hin Taek as stated earlier, are the predominant tribe.
In 1991, MBC Newsdesk got a new theme, composed by Lim Taek-Su.
The Taebaek Mountains () is a 1994 South Korean film directed by Im Kwon-taek.
General's Son II () is a 1991 South Korean film directed by Im Kwon-taek.
Festival (1996) was filmed in Jangheung county by director Im Kwon-taek.
On 11 February 2013, Lim Yoon-taek, leader of Ulala Session, died from gastric cancer.
The K-League Manager of the Year Award was won by Choi Eun-Taek (POSCO Atoms)
The Genealogy (족보 - "Jokbo") is a 1979 South Korean film directed by Im Kwon-taek.
Korean director Im Kwon-taek made a successful movie of Mandala in 1981.
Taek-soo is also betrayed and murdered by Steve, little knowing the research is on a microchip planted inside his body. Driven by vengeance, Hyun-chul and Jin-soo's pink-haired daughter Dong-hwa (Kim Ok-bin) plot to steal Taek-soo's body to pay for Jin-soo's hospital bills. However the body they escape from the morgue with isn’t Taek-soo's but that of Ahn Jin-oh (Ryoo Seung-bum), a man who faked his death in order to hide from loan sharks. Believing Taek-soo's body has been stolen, Steve and his gang begin a hunt for Hyun-chul and Dong-hwa to recover the precious microchip.
General's Son III () is a 1992 South Korean film directed by Im Kwon-taek.
Lee Jin-Taek (born 13 April 1972) is a retired South Korean high jumper.
Come Come Come Upward () is a 1989 South Korean film directed by Im Kwon-taek.
The most recent news concerning the tourist industry in Ban Hin Taek was in 2007 when the village committee set up a development plan for the village. Resort hotels were to be built in order to accommodate tourists. The committee still fears that investors will abuse Ban Hin Taek, forgoing all of its cultural diversity and customs in favour of profits. Nevertheless, Ban Hin Taek has a growing tourist industry based on its fascinating past.