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mieko              yasuko              setsuko              fumiko              etsuko              yukie              yukiko              sachiko              kanae              kumiko              miyoko              haruko              takako              chizuko              kozue              kazuko              mikako              masako              noriko              sumiko              mariko              ikuko              narumi              yuriko              misako              hideko              tomoko              sayuri              fumi              emiko              nobuko              chieko              sumire              yukina              yukari              ayano              chinami              ritsuko              harumi              yumiko              yoriko              natsuko              hiroko              kyoko              chisato              hisako              yoshiko              kazue              saeko              mayuko             

Examples of "taeko"
Taeko Onuki (also Taeko Ohnuki) is a Japanese singer and song-writer.
Meanwhile, Sachiko is told that Taeko has been living off of Okubata since being disinherited. Sachiko also hears that Taeko may be involved with a bar tender named Miyoshi. Sachiko is aghast, but now sees a marriage between Taeko and Okubata as a necessity. After Taeko has recovered, Sachiko learns that Okubata is being pressured by his family to go to Manchuria; Sachiko and Yukiko think that Taeko should go with him. Taeko objects, but Yukiko pushes her, saying that she is indebted to Okubata for everything he has given her. Taeko leaves the house in tears and stays away for two days. Okubata eventually decides against going to Manchuria.
Upon her return, Sachiko hears that Taeko has taken up again with Okubata. As the relationship grows increasingly open, Teinosuke informs Tsuruko. Tsuruko demands that Taeko be sent to Tokyo; Taeko refuses and is disinherited.
A month later, a disastrous flood strikes the Kansai region. Taeko is attending a sewing school in the area hardest hit. Itakura rescues her. Impressed by his heroism, Taeko begins to fall for him. Eventually Taeko’s and Itakura’s relationship becomes known to Sachiko, who disapproves because of Itakura’s low social standing. Nevertheless, Taeko is determined to marry him.
Akama proposes to Taeko, but she delays responding. Akama jealously interprets this to mean that she is really in love with Kameda. His jealousy grows until he ultimately murders Taeko and both men go mad with grief.
Annie Whitehead, Jacqui Dankworth, Rob Koral, Esther Miller, Andrea Vicari, Taeko Kunishima, Rachael Moore & Gary Plumley
Mogi was defeated by Taeko Nagamine via split decision at "Smackgirl 2006: Queen's Triumphant Return" on .
Socchi (ソッチ) - The only female of the obake, who enjoys eating sweets. Voiced by Taeko Kawata.
Taeko has also made commercials. Among her clients are American Home Assurance Company and Kao.
Taeko Kikuchi stands out in the boat team with her bright-colored hair and pierced ears. Before joining the team, her strong personality gave the false impression that Taeko was the leader of a group of juvenile delinquents. But when she became friends with Etsuko and was moved by her passion for boats, Taeko joins the team. Soon, she becomes an essential member of the team. Her only weak point is that she's short-tempered.
Setsuko does not go home, but instead goes to her uncle's house, where Taeko is fuming. When Taeko realizes that Setsuko and Mokichi have been together, she becomes so angry that she refuses to speak to her husband for days. The two have a confrontation, when Mokichi tells her that he finds his old habits hard to break because smoking inferior cigarettes and traveling third-class on a train remind him of the simpler pleasures of life. Taeko leaves in a huff.
The Japanese government notified Taeko of her husband's death in August 1943. Taeko and her two daughters survived the remainder of the war on a small widow's pension and with help from relatives. Taeko hoped that her husband was still alive and would return. Just after the war ended, B. P. Hoffman, one of Tatsuguchi's former college instructors and a friend of Taeko's, visited her in Osaka where she was living. Hoffman told her that a US Federal Bureau of Investigation agent had visited him during the war because Hoffman's name was in Tatsuguchi's address book found on Attu. The agent told the story of Tatsuguchi's death to Hoffman, who related it to Taeko. Taeko accepted that her husband would not be coming back.
Nagano has also trained his older sister, Taeko Uchida, who has yet to complete the First Stage.
Mimura became a professional in 1986. He was promoted to 9 dan in 2000. He is married to Makihata Taeko.
A film directed by Takeshi Furusawa and written by Taeko Asano was released on November 1, 2014.
In the meantime, the bank Tatsuo works for has decided to send him to Tokyo to manage a branch office. He and his family will move to Tokyo, and it is decided that Yukiko and Taeko should go with them. Taeko is allowed to stay in Ashiya for a short while to tend to her business, but Yukiko is to leave immediately.
Those scenes set in 1966 with the 10-year-old Taeko are taken from the source material. Takahata had difficulty adapting the episodic manga into a feature film, and he therefore invented the framing narrative wherein the adult Taeko journeys to the countryside and falls in love with Toshio.
Taeko's friend Aya (Chikage Awashima) gets Taeko to lie to her husband that Taeko's brother's daughter, Setsuko (Keiko Tsushima), is ill, in order to go to a spa with a couple of friends. The plan goes wrong when Setsuko visits her house unexpectedly, but Taeko substitutes the invalid with another friend and obtains consent from her husband to go for a break.
Taeko’s interest in dolls wanes and she begins to devote time to Western-style sewing and traditional Osaka dance. A dance recital is held at the Ashiya house with Taeko as one of the performers. A personable young photographer named Itakura takes pictures at the request of Okubata. Itakura and Taeko are already acquainted; he photographs her dolls.
Taeko goes on a solo train journey away from Tokyo. Mokichi telegrams her to tell her that his company is sending him to Uruguay on a business trip, and asks her to return. Taeko returns only after Mokichi has flown. Mokichi returns a few hours later since the airplane carrying him has met with technical mishaps and has to head back to Tokyo. The couple make up while preparing ochazuke, rice with green tea. Taeko understands what her husband has been speaking about earlier on. She promises never to leave without a word again.