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Examples of "taffarel"
Team: Taffarel , Alfinete , Aguirregaray , Pereira , Mazinho , Paulo Rodrigues , Adílson Heleno , Bobô , Vivinho , Nílson and Zinho
Team: Taffarel , Luiz Carlos Winck , Aloísio , Luizinho , Mazinho , Norberto , Milton , Zico , Renato Gaúcho , Renato e Berg
Four players – Cafu, Roberto Carlos, Lúcio and Cláudio Taffarel – have won 100 or more caps for Brazil.
At that time he was often called up for the Brazil national football team, but was usually the second goalkeeper after Taffarel. That was the case in the 1988 Olympics. He did play on two occasions in 1989. However, during the 1990 FIFA World Cup, he only made the third goalkeeper, after Taffarel and Acácio.
In 2004, Taffarel rejoined Galatasaray as goalkeeper coach – under former teammate Gheorghe Hagi – returning to the club for the 2011–12 season, again with Fatih Terim as manager.
Taffarel and his former Atlético Mineiro teammate Paulo Roberto started up a player agency, with the focus mainly on promising youngsters.
Internacional: Taffarel; Luiz Carlos Winck, Aguirregaray, Norton and Casemiro; Norberto, Luis Fernando and Luís Carlos Martins; Maurício (Hélder), Nílson and Edu. Head coach: Abel Braga.
Brazil: Cláudio Taffarel, Jorginho, Valber, Márcio Roberto dos Santos, Nonato (Cafu 5′), Luisinho (Palhinha 57′), Careca, Elivelton, Dunga, Valdeir (Almir 67′), Rai
Internacional: Taffarel; Luiz Carlos Winck (Diego Aguirre), Aguirregaray, Nenê and João Luís; Norberto, Luís Carlos Martins and Leomir; Maurício (Hélder), Nílson and Edu. Head coach: Abel Braga.
Brazil: Cláudio Taffarel, Jorginho, Julio Cesar, Márcio Santos, Branco (Nonato 82′), Dunga, Valdeir (Almir 64′), Raí, Luisinho, Careca, Elivelton (Cafu 70′)
Cláudio André Mergen Taffarel (; born 8 May 1966) is a Brazilian retired footballer who played as a goalkeeper, and the current goalkeeping coach of the Brazil national team.
Brazil: Cláudio Taffarel, Winck, Julio Cesar, Márcio Santos, Branco (Nonato 46′), Luisinho (Rai 68′), Dunga, Boiadeiro, Valdeir, Careca, Elivelton (Cafu 76′)
The city is the birthplace of the popular Brazilian celebrity Maria da Graça Meneghel known as Xuxa and Brazilian World Cup Winning Goalkeeper Cláudio Taffarel.
In sports, Crissiumal is known as "the land of goalkeepers", because it was the home of several goalkeepers, the best of them being Taffarel, who played in the Brazilian sccer team in the 1994 FIFA World Cup, in Italy.
The recipient of more than 100 caps for Brazil, Taffarel helped the national team win the 1994 World Cup, also appearing in other eight major international tournaments over the course of one full decade.
Bismarck, along with one-time Brazilian football teammates Jorginho and Cláudio Taffarel, were featured in a special version of the film "Jesus" produced and distributed during the 1998 World Cup.
Jorginho is a born-again Christian. Alongside compatriots Cláudio Taffarel and Bismarck – also footballers – he was featured sharing his faith in a special version of the film "Jesus", produced and distributed during the 1998 World Cup.
Goalkeeper Christopher Toselli set a record after going 492 minutes without conceding a goal, breaking the old record of 484 minutes held by under-20 Brazilian goalkeeper Cláudio Taffarel since the 1985 World Cup.
Taffarel is a born-again Christian who has actively shared his faith in numerous venues. He was a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes since 1988, and had 17 children, 15 of them adopted.
Hundreds of Georgian, European and even South American stars played in Dinamo stadium. In 1985 the stadium hosted the qualifying stage of the Juniors World Cup. Cláudio Taffarel and Muller played for the Brazilian national team.