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Examples of "tafresh"
Three universities are situated in Tafresh: Tafresh University(formerely branch of Amirkabir University of Technology), Tafresh Azad University and the Tafresh branch of the Payame Noor University.
Tafresh University (Persian: دانشگاه تفرش), formerly named Tafresh Amir Kabir University of Technology (TAUT) is an educational university located in Tafresh, Iran. Now, about 3,000 students are studying in this university.
Between the village of Moinabad, to the east of Delaram, and Tafresh lies the Tafresh Azad University.
Although many people live in Tafresh, its numbers are decreasing as many leave Tafresh to go to Tehran or other main cities of Iran. Some of the summer resorts around Tafresh are Teraran, Shahchenar and Naqusan. The Ab Garrau spa is a touristic place around Tafresh. Tourists of the villages usually visit them in the summer.
Tafresh is located amidst high mountains southwest of Tehran. Tafresh is an old city and formed a Zoroastrian stronghold for many years.
The Central District of Tafresh County () is a district (bakhsh) in Tafresh County, Markazi Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 23,938, in 7,647 families. The District has one city: Tafresh. The District has four rural districts ("dehestan"): Bazarjan Rural District, Kharrazan Rural District, Kuh Panah Rural District, and Rudbar Rural District.
Tafresh County () is a county in Markazi Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Tafresh. At the 2006 census, the county's population (excluding the portions later split off to form Farahan County) was 46,680, in 14,313 families; excluding those portions, the population was 23,938, in 7,647 families. The county has one district: the Central District. The county has one city: Tafresh.
The city of Tafresh is located in the Markazi province of Iran. The flight distance between Tehran and Tafresh is 170 km towards southwest. If you imagine the three cities of Qom, Saveh, and Arak as the three vertices of a triangle, Tafresh would be the centroid of that triangle. The average altitude of Tafresh is 1912 meters above sea level with latitude and longitude coordinates equal to 34° 41&39; 35N and 50° 0&39; 58E, respectively. The climate of Tafresh is continental and semi-arid with an annual rainfall of 270 mm. The population of Tafresh is about Seventeen thousand which increases up to twenty five thousand by considering the students. Tafresh is well known for being the cradle of science, literature, culture & art; the land of mountains and plains, springs & waterfalls; and the land of love, wisdom & thought with mountains as high as the ambition & will of its men and women. Behind every alley of Tafresh lies memories scientists, artists, and scholars brought up and trained in Tafresh who are all world class experts and professionals.
Ashtiani is one of the Central Iranian languages, spoken in Ashtiyan and Tafresh of Iran.
Borzeh is a 1,999-meter high mountain in Iran, near Tafresh and the village of Bazerjan.
Presently, Tafresh university has 70 full-time academic staff members. They comprise the following faculties:
With the permission of the development council for higher education, Tafresh University was elevated to an independent university in 2005.
Tafresh has provided Iran with many notable figures such as poets, ministers, statesmen, scientists, calligraphers etc. Among them are Nizami Ganjavi, the greatest romantic epic poet in Persian literature. Some scholars believe that his ancestry from his father-side was in Tafresh.
Islamic Azad University, Tafresh Branch is a branch of Iran's Islamic Azad Universities. It is situated in the city of Tafresh 222 kilometers southwest of Tehran. This university with more than 3000 students and more than 100 professors provides 20 different majors.
Today this city has preserved its position in science and literature by its universities. Tafresh is one of the oldest regions of the Marakzi province, named as Tabres in historical notes. To this date, fifty historical monuments of Tafresh have been listed as national heritage.
Others include Professor Mahmoud Hessaby, the father of modern physics in Iran, Ahmad Parsa, the father of Iranian botanics, Abbas Sahab, the father of Cartography science in Iran and Abdolkarim Qarib, the father of Iran's geology. Many famous Iranians were from Tafresh, Because of this, Tafresh has received the nickname "City of Iran's Fathers".
Celebrities and dignitaries brought up in Tafresh, have each created a pattern on the body of knowledge and culture of this land. The presence of great Calligraphers in this land is another proof for the inherent nature of literacy and art in Tafresh, which has forever carved the city&39;s name with goodness on the apex of the country.
It is believed that in Sasanian times, Zoroastrianism was the state religion and was threatened by Islam, an army warrior called Delaram made a resistance force for the Zoroastrians in Tafresh. One of the villages in Tafresh was called "Delaram" after this army warrior, however after Islamic conquest of Persia, the name Teraran was given to it. "Teraran" means "The Thieves" in Middle Persian.
It was early 1987 that the first step for establishing a university in the city of Tafresh was taken by the university development council. The goal was training professionals and researchers in order to enrich the necessary human resources in need of the country. Finally in May 1987 the construction of Tafresh University was initiated owing to the efforts spent by Dr Heydari.
Tafresh University was founded to constitute 4 research centres and 17 faculties with 45 academic majors available at undergraduate and graduate levels. At the time being Tafresh University hosts 2,130 students in 7 academic disciplines. Of those, 1,834 students study in 15 academic majors at the B.Sc. level, 294 students study in 17 academic majors at the M.Sc. level, and 12 PhD students study in 2 academic majors at the PhD level. Due to the formulated development programme, the number of disciplines offered by Tafresh University shall increase.