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Examples of "tagbacks"
The band was known as "No Tagbacks" before they were House of Heroes.
"Ten Months" is the only album released under the name No Tagbacks. It was released by Four Door Entertainment.
Ten Months is the first and only album from the band No Tagbacks. The band later changed their name to House of Heroes. It was released by Four Door Entertainment. Although previously out of print and unavailable on both physical media and online, "Ten Months" was released on iTunes for the first time by House of Heroes in December 2011.
House of Heroes is an alternative rock band from Columbus, Ohio. They have released six albums: "What You Want Is Now" (2003), "House of Heroes" (2005), "The End Is Not the End" (2008), "Suburba" (2010), "Cold Hard Want" (2012), and "Colors" (2016). The band also released the album "Ten Months" (2001) under their original name, No Tagbacks, which had more of a punk sound than their releases as House of Heroes. They also re-released their self-titled record under the name of "Say No More" (2006). The band is composed of Tim Skipper, Colin Rigsby, A.J. Babcock, and Eric Newcomer.
The band got started in 1996 at Hilliard Davidson High School (Hilliard, Ohio), originally as a punk band called Plan B, with Tim Skipper, A.J. Babcock, and Nate Rothacker on drums. In 1998, Colin Rigsby replaced Nate Rothacker on drums and they changed their name to No Tagbacks, then later to House of Heroes (changing their punk style in the process). The band recorded early demos at Chris Lundquist's home studio LundquistAudio (formerly Lunkhead Studio). In 2003 they released their first album" What You Want Is Now" under the name House of Heroes.