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zeynalabdin              mukhtarov              alakbar              mikayil              asadullayev              yusif              akhundov              naghiyev              dadashov              auezov              mustafayev              hajiyev              mammadaliyev              murtuza              ismayilov              babayev              taghizade              mammad              alizade              huseynov              aslanov              shaig              khanlar              niyazi              vagif              kerimov              pashayev              ismayil              shirvani              seyid              baghirov              vidadi              javanshir              bakikhanov              alakbarov              alisher              mammadov              behbudov              makhmudov              abdollah              orujov              hooshang              imanov              mahammad              bayramov              huseyn              vurgun              suphi              huseynzade              hasanov             

Examples of "taghiyev"
In June 2014, Taghiyev moved from AZAL to Qarabağ.
On 30 August 2016, Taghiyev signed a two-year contract with Zira FK.
As a devout Muslim, Taghiyev was in favour of translating the Koran into Azeri. This was vehemently opposed by the local clergy who believed the content of Koran was holy and of divine origin and therefore, no one had the right to translate it. Taghiyev then sent a mullah envoy to Baghdad who came back with an official permission from a board of Muslim scholars to translate the Koran. Taghiyev ordered the necessary equipment from Leipzig and sponsored the translation and the publishing.
Taghiyev owned real estate in Baku, Moscow, Tehran, Isfahan, Anzali, and Rasht.
Wealthy people have settled in the Absheron Peninsula, including Robert Nobel and Zeynalabdin Taghiyev.
Javid Taghiyev (; born 6 October 1981 in Lankaran) is a boxer from Azerbaijan.
The Azerbaijan State Museum of History is located in the former Taghiyev mansion in Baku.
Alakbar Taghiyev (; April 28, 1924, Ganja – April 16, 1981, Baku) was Azerbaijani composer and author of popular Azerbaijani songs.
Taghiyev was married twice. His first wife Zeynab, who was also his cousin, bore him three children. After her death, Taghiyev married Sona, the youngest daughter of General Balakishi Arablinski. The wedding took place in 1896. Arablinski's elder daughter Nurjahan had already been married to Taghiyev's older son Ismayil.
The judges of the first season (2015-2016) are Mubariz Taghiyev, Faiq Agayev, Tunzale Aghayeva and Manana Japaridze.
It was first performed on 12 January 1908 at the Taghiyev Theatre in Baku. The opera is considered the Muslim world's first opera.
The Russian architect and civil engineer of Armenian descent Nikolai Bayev designed the architectural sketch of the theatre. However the construction of such grandiose building in a year was unheard of at the time and required many safety measures to be taken. The Mailovs decided not to wait for the approval of the City Council but were ordered to stop the construction as it violated building regulations. Soon Bayev managed to convince the city legislature and received its approval. Azeri magnate Zeynalabdin Taghiyev who had earlier sponsored the construction of the Taghiyev Theatre (present-day Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theatre) expressed his doubts that the new theatre could be fully constructed in such a short period of time. Daniel Mailov laid a bet: if the Mailovs did not manage to get the theatre built on time, they would offer it to Taghiyev as a gift; if the theatre was indeed built by 1911, Taghiyev would have to cover all the building expenses.
Taghiyev won the bronze medal in the same division six months earlier, at the 2004 European Amateur Boxing Championships in Pula, Croatia.
His family is connected to hereditary khans of Derbent and his daughter Sona was married to Hajji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev, an Azeri oil millionaire.
Flora khanym sang various genre of music. In her early repertoire started Azerbaijan Turkic National style of Folk songs those were compesed by Alakbar Taghiyev.
Hajji Zeynalabdin Taghi oglu Taghiyev (; ) (25 January 1821 – 1823, or 1838 – 1 September 1924) was an Azerbaijani national industrial magnate and philanthropist.
Javid Taghiyev (, born on 22 July 1992 in Tovuz, Azerbaijan) is an Azerbaijani football Midfielder who currently plays for the Azerbaijan Premier League side Zira FK.
He helped to solve the water crisis in the city by helping to finance the Shollar water pipeline, which channeled water 100 miles away in the Caucasus Mountains, near Quba, via a ceramic pipeline. Taghiyev allocated 25,000 roubles to have the project completed. The construction of the water pipeline was finished by 1916. In 1886 Taghiyev sponsored the establishment of a fire department in Baku.
Taghiyev invested his fortune not only in oil business, but also in many other projects such as a textile factory (one of the 28 textile factories functioning in Russia at the time) and industrial fisheries along the shore of the Caspian Sea. He arranged for the construction of a mosque and evening self-education courses for the employees of the textile factory, a school for their children, a pharmacy, a first-aid post and a mill. Altogether his project cost Taghiyev more than 6 million golden roubles. He sold his oil business interest to Anglo-Russian Oil Company for 5 million rubles. In two and a half years, they had earned more than 7.5 million rubles in net profit. It should be mentioned that Taghiyev sold his oil companies in order to diversify into other industries of the Caucasus's economy. He amassed shares in the Oleum Company established on the basis of these enterprises to the amount of 16 million rubles. This allowed him to continue accumulating capital created in the oil sector. During this period, Taghiyev invested significant sums into the textile, food, construction and shipbuilding industries, as well as in fishery. Later, in 1890, Taghiyev bought the Caspian Steamship Company, renovated it and created a fleet of 10 steamboats.
National Museum of History of Azerbaijan () is the largest museum in Azerbaijan, located in Baku, in the former mansion of Azerbaijani oil magnate and philanthropist Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev. It was founded in 1920.