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toomast              ranniku              branimira              kroonika              maaja              sirje              maaleht              karijeru              kaatuu              laulasmaa              yusova              parek              rauta              uljas              galibova              tamsalu              vejnarova              vjetrovi              zaimova              aastat              tedre              birita              kutsutud              viikon              geilhausen              meriste              klooren              kazakhi              savjet              gurianta              piika              kertoo              torupilli              vagiani              greblo              meelis              dainavos              kertu              tiiu              peips              garbov              vahing              merkuri              kropotina              mihkli              liveta              komia              sigridur              vihdoinkin              siihen             

Examples of "taimo"
The city is home to taro, specifically the "taimo" (田芋) used in Okinawa cuisine. While the taimo remains the chief product of Ginowan, agriculture greatly declined in the city in the postwar period. Like other municipalities on Okinawa Island, the city produces cut flowers for sale on the home islands of Japan.
Taimo Toomast has three children (Elisabeth Toomast, Sophie-Marie Toomast and Tristan-Tobias Toomast) and is married to Estonian politician Vilja Savisaar-Toomast.
Taimo Toomast (born in May 17, 1962 in Pärnu) is an Estonian opera singer. He has performed in many European opera houses and has toured in the United States.
In 1996, Vilja Laanaru married Centre Party leader Edgar Savisaar; they divorced in 2009. They have one daughter. In August 2010, she married opera singer Taimo Toomast (since 2013 member of the Reform Party) and changed her surname to Savisaar-Toomast. In December 2015 she announced the omission of Savisaar from her surname.
He has performed as a soloist at the Vienna State Opera and at the Vienna Chamber Opera, he has been soloist at the Coburg Landestheater and Dessau Anhaltisches Theater in Germany (altogether for 12 years). He has performed as guest soloist in many other German theatres (Gera, Bauzen, Osnabrück, Passau). In 2004-2008 he lived and worked in Spain. He has worked together with the Alicante Symphony Orchestra and participated in a concert tour in the USA. Since 2009 Taimo Toomast is lecturer of the singing department at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. From 2009 he is a lector in a song department in Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. From 2010 Taimo Toomast is once again a guest soloist in Estonian National Opera and in the Vanemuine Theatre.
Taimo Toomast graduated from the Tallinn Conservatoire in 1989 in the singing class of Teo Maiste. He has complimented his studies in the summer courses of Savonlinna (1987) and Kangasniemi (1988), at the Vienna State Opera studio (1990–1991), the Konservatorium der Stadt Wien (class of Margarethe Bence and Lied-class of David Lutz 1990–1992) and later in Germany by Athe Pars and Georg Fortune. Toomast was able to be the lead in productions such as "Das Donaugeschenk" by Reiner Bischof, and Mozart's "Così fan tutte" by the Vienna Chamber Opera.