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rakkaus              kaunis              kaikki              suosikkia              parhaat              rakkautta              rakkauden              kuin              joulu              mustaa              nainen              maailma              laulu              lauluja              sinua              kaksi              laulut              yksin              maailman              minun              ihminen              taivaan              aurinko              jumala              maailmaa              rakkaudesta              lapset              kaikkien              sinun              pieni              hiljaa              kultaa              ihmisen              rakastan              joulun              liikaa              laulun              yhden              ihana              kulkurin              vuodet              aikojen              kauneus              levoton              niin              kiinni              huomenna              suomesta              poika              toinen             

Examples of "taivas"
Ruuhkainen Taivas is the fifth studio album of Ismo Alanko Säätiö. It was released in 2006.
The journalist character in the Risto Jarva film "Kun taivas putoaa" is transparently based on Veikko Ennala.
Finland was represented by Jasmine, with the song '"Niin kaunis on taivas", at the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on 18 May in Oslo. "Niin kaunis on taivas" was chosen as the Finnish entry at the national final organised by broadcaster Yle and held on 3 March.
The title of the song "Taivas Varjele!" ("Good heavens") quotes the Finnish expression used by Mertaranta in response to Granlund's goal during his commentary of the game.
"Niin kaunis on taivas" ("So beautiful is the sky") was the Finnish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1996, performed in Finnish by Jasmine Tatjana Anette Valentin.
In October 2006 Benchmark Capital Europe and Taivas Group announced an additional investment of € 12.5 Million to accelerate the expansion of Igglo further into Europe.
Taivas tiellä is a 2000 Finnish by Johanna Vuoksenmaa who wrote the screenplay and directed. The film is also known as True Love Waits (International English title).
A new Finnish language album was released in the spring of 2012, under the name "Avoin taivas" (Engl. Open Heaven/Skies). The lyrics are by Hilja Aaltonen and most compositions by Hannu Huhtala. This album was produced by Markus Vainiomäki. "Avoin taivas" sold gold in Finland in June 2013. The same personnel was involved in "Minun aarteeni" (Engl. My Treasure), released in 2014. A second Christmas album, Joulun kuningas (Engl. The King of Christmas) is released in November 2014.
She represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 1996 by song "Niin kaunis on taivas" and became 23rd. After Eurovision she gigged in different countries like in Turkey, Spain and Greece.
After Granlund's "lacrosse-style" goal at the 2011 IIHF World Championship semifinal versus Russia, Finnish Hockey Mafia released the single "Taivas varjele!" featuring sampled comments by Finnish sports broadcaster Antero Mertaranta. The single released the same week of the much-talked about goal reached #2 in the Finnish Singles Chart as well as topping the chart for most Finnish Singles downloads that week.
Pajala's personal life took a downturn after "Ariel", when he withdrew from the public eye. He made his final film appearance in 1998 in a Joona Tena film "Kulkurin taivas". His final work in television came in 2007 with the role of a Christmas tree salesman in a television series "Taivaan tulet".
The song was performed nineteenth on the night, following Finland's Jasmine with "Niin kaunis on taivas" and preceding Poland's Kasia Kowalska with "Chcę znać swój grzech...". At the close of voting, it had received 51 points, placing 13th in a field of 23.
Later on, the sky itself was called "taivas" and the sky-god Ukko Ylijumala, literally "Grandfather" or "Old Man Overgod". However, when Christianity came to dominate Finnish religious life in the Middle Ages and the old gods were ousted or consolidated away from the pantheon, Jumala became the Finnish name for the Christian God.
Eppu Normaali's most famous songs include "Vuonna '85" (In the Year '85), "Kitara, taivas ja tähdet" (The Guitar, the Sky and the Stars), "Murheellisten laulujen maa" (Land of Sad Songs), "Pimeyden tango" (Tango of Darkness), "Suolaista sadetta" (Salty Rain) and "Tahroja paperilla" (Stains on Paper).
"Taivas Varjele!" is a Finnish language recording by Finnish Hockey Mafia featuring Finnish sports broadcaster and television personality Antero Mertaranta. The hit recording remixing portions of his broadcast comments he made live during the Russia - Finland ice hockey game on May 13, 2011 in a song.
A song by Jukka Kuoppamäki, "Tämä taivas, tämä maa", was a big hit for Danny in 1992. In 1997 performed in China and in 1988 in Turkey. These days Danny is considered an elder statesman in Finnish popular music, still active in music business and touring.
This meant that Finland were obliged to sit out the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest. It was succeeded as Finnish representative at the 1996 Contest (the poor result having disqualified Finland from the 1995 Contest) by Jasmine with "Niin kaunis on taivas".
The company was founded in February 2006 by chairman and of the Finnish media-agency Taivas, Jussi Nurmio and Mikko Ranin, the son of the Finnish actor Matti Ranin. Matti Kasso, the former CEO of Huoneistokeskus, was appointed the position of vice CEO, but left the company in January 2008.
Taivas lyö tulta () is the first single by the Finnish power metal band Teräsbetoni, and was released in February 2005. It is perhaps the most well known song by the band, and it rose to the top of the Finnish single list during its release week, followed by lots of plays in radio and the band becoming more widely known.
In 2005, the 20th Anniversary Edition of the album was released. It included the album itself, and also the remastered version of their 1985 VHS release "Video, taivas ja tähdet" and previously unreleased version of the track Vihreän joen rannalla (kauan sitten).