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ekborg              rydman              segercrantz              svenningsen              lindkvist              egerman              attlerud              adolphson              kirjonen              danne              brunnberg              ingar              maurstad              lidman              friman              halvarsson              settergren              harryson              schandorff              appelgren              ruuth              herngren              kreutzfeldt              ahlstedt              bernhardsson              stensson              pohjanheimo              leipnitz              bjerk              gyldmark              eskilsson              brogger              blichfeldt              diedricson              eliasen              pfaler              laustsen              winsnes              schildt              mangs              sildnik              kihlman              ekerot              granberg              nierhoff              haarstad              eikemo              holgersen              kugelberg              lystad             

Examples of "tallroth"
His father, Roger Tallroth was an Olympic silver medalist and European champion.
Konrad Tallroth (November 12, 1872 – January 27, 1926) was a Finnish actor, screenwriter, and director.
In 1916 Tallroth worked six months for Svenska Biografteatern (later AB Svensk Filmindustri) in Lidingö, Sweden, where he directed eight films. Copies of two of these films survive.
"Balladen om briggen 'Blue Bird' av Hull" was a song by Evert Taube, first published in the 1929 "Fritiof Anderssons visbok". Here it is arranged by Karlsson, Hazelius, Tallroth and Linder, and performed by Karlsson (vocals), Hazelius (cittern), Tallroth (tenor guitar) and Linder (bass). Karlsson was for a long time undecided about using "Balladen om briggen "Blue Bird" av Hull" on the disc as she wasn't sure people wanted to hear it, but "then she decided to use it anyway."
"Flickan och kråkan" (The girl and the crow) was written by Mikael Wiehe and was first released on the 1981 studio album "Kråksånger". On "Visor från vinden" it is performed by Karlsson (vocals, Hammond organ), Sara Isaksson and Tallroth. Tallroth and Karlsson arranged the song. "Flickan och kråkan" was described by Karlsson in 2007 as a sad, but fantastic story that she had not sung since she was a teenager.
In groups such as Väsen, Tallroth has created a personal playing style which often includes alternative tunings (especially A-D-A-D-A-D on the guitar) and distinct rhythmic patterns.
"Valsen till mig" is the disc's only instrumental track, written by Hazelius, and performed by Hazelius (violin, cittern), Karlsson (transverse flute), Tallroth (guitar) and Linder (bass, percussion). It was arranged by the quartet.
"Visor från vinden" was recorded at six different times in different places, mainly in Sweden, but also Denmark. The producers were Göran Petersson, Sofia Karlsson and Jan Borges, and among the participating musicians were Esbjörn Hazelius, Roger Tallroth and Lena Willemark.
"Milrök" is the disc's second track, and the second Dan Andersson interpretation. The music was written by Sofie Livebrant. The arrangement was by Karlsson, Hazelius and Olle Linder. The music is performed by Karlsson (vocals), Hazelius (cittern), Olle Linder (bass) and Roger Tallroth (guitar).
The soundtrack of Battlefield 2 consists of 18 tracks composed and created by Fredrik Englund, David Tallroth, and Jonas Östholm. The soundtrack is very minimal, mostly consisting of faction specific loading and outcome themes. Battlefield 2's soundtrack was never officially released outside of the game.
In 2010 Dreamers’ Circus released an EP with five tracks on the Danish label Go Folk. The EP was produced by the Swedish guitarist Roger Tallroth, of the folk band Väsen. Also featured on the EP is the Swedish folk singer Sofia Karlsson.
"Spelar för livet" is a song by Peps Persson, originally released as "För livet" on his studio album "Spelar för livet" (1992). In Karlsson's version it is performed by Karlsson (vocals, whistle), Hazelius (cittern, violin, vocals), Tallroth (tenor guitar, vocals), Linder (contrabass, percussion, vocals). All four of them arranged the song.
Karl Johan Roger Tallroth, born in 1958, is a Swedish folk musician and composer, best known as a member of the band Väsen. He was educated at the Sjövik Folk High School and the School of Music in Örebro University. Principally a guitarist, he also plays other stringed instruments such as the bouzouki, ukulele, mandola, mandolin, fiddle, viola, oud and double bass. He also works as an arranger, and teaches at both the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and in Örebro University.
"Två tungor" was a poem by the Norwegian poet Inger Hagerup. The singer Fred Åkerström translated it into Swedish, and the Norwegian singer Finn Kalvik set it to music. In this version it was first heard on Åkerström's 1972 album "Två tungor". Here it is arranged by Karlsson och Hazelius, and performed by Karlsson (vocals, bouzouki, guitar), Hazelius (cittern), Tallroth (tenor guitar) and Linder (bass).
Väsen is a Swedish folk music band originally consisting of Olov Johansson (nyckelharpa), Mikael Marin (viola) and Roger Tallroth (guitar). Later André Ferrari (percussion) also joined the group. they have released 16 albums, featured on others, and have toured every year also outside of Europe. Since 2002, however, performances outside Sweden have tended to not include André Ferrari, owing to his reluctance to tour internationally and the economic advantage of a trio. Since then, Väsen has released six albums ("Trio", "Keyed Up", "Live in Japan", "Väsen Street", "Mindset" & "Live på Gamla Bion") in this "strings-only" format.