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Examples of "talovaya"
Talovy (; masculine), Talovaya (; feminine), or Talovoye (; neuter) is the name of several inhabited localities in Russia.
Talovsky District () is an administrative and municipal district (raion), one of the thirty-two in Voronezh Oblast, Russia. It is located in the northeastern central part of the oblast. The area of the district is . Its administrative center is the urban locality (a work settlement) of Talovaya. Population: 42,603 (2010 Census); The population of Talovaya accounts for 28.7% of the district's total population.
Shelestov was born on 25 May 1971 in the village of Talovaya, Voronezh Oblast, Russian SSR. His father was a railroad engineer, and his mother a schoolteacher. He became interested in sports while attending school, where he played soccer and was fond of wrestling. In high school, Sergei began to concentrate on athletics and spent much time in the gym. His passion to the power sports began to grow, and he started independently to seek out methodical literature and had developed programs for himself that effectively train certain muscles. At that time, he was seriously engaged in powerlifting, and obtained his first achievement in sports—the Candidate to Master of Sports in powerlifting before joining the Soviet Army in 1989.