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Examples of "tamta"
Tamta is the first studio album by Greek pop singer and Super Idol contestant Tamta. It was released in 2006 by Minos EMI.
Tamta Melashvili (born 1979) is a Georgian writer.
3. Το Άλλο Μου Μισό (with Tamta Goduadze)
"Tharros I Alitheia" is a dance song with heavy influences from varying electronic genres, including house and ambient. The song begins with Tamta faintly singing the chorus, proceeding into the traditional verse-chorus format, with Rouvas performing the verse. Tamta and Rouvas' vocal parts never overlap during the song; Rouvas is limited to the verses and Tamta to the chorus. Rouvas does not actually sing in the song, instead performing a spoken rap. The song's music and lyrics possess a sensual theme. Lyrically the verses have Rouvas telling Tamta different things that he wants from her, ending with a challenge: "Choose/Truth or dare". In the chorus Tamta responds by professing her love to him. In relation to the song's theme, Tamta said that she always prefers truth, mostly because she is very afraid of lies.
Tamta was born and raised in Georgia, where she started singing at the age of five.
In 2007, he was a candidate to receive an "Arion Music Award", losing to Tamta.
CIF is headed by Kundan Lal Tamta, IPS (ADG & IGP, West Bengal).
Tamta premiered the song at The S Club concert series where she served as a supporting act for Rouvas, using the track as her opening number. Rouvas did not perform the song live with Tamta, as he did not appear on stage until after midnight. Instead, his vocal part was played through a recording, as Tamta lay in the centre of the stage with the lights dimmed, with minimal blue lighting in the backdrop. A smoke machine is also used. As Tamta's part begins a video in the background is played featuring geometric shapes rapidly changing colours. Tamta, wearing a purple leotard, proceeds to stand during the second chorus and four female backing dancers appear and perform a choreography. The show moved to Thessaloniki on 14 May at Politia: Live Clubbin, where a similar routine was performed. Tamta also performed the song as well as others from her album at a guest appearance at Stavro Tou Notou with Isaïas Matiamba.
Pradeep Tamta (born 16 June 1958) is an Indian politician of Indian National Congress (INC) from Uttarakhand state. He was a member of the Indian Parliament, and represented Almora (Lok Sabha constituency) in the 15th Lok Sabha. But he lost to Ajay Tamta in Election 2014. He also remained member of Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly (2002-2007).
Each singer had to sing a song by their music idol. The guest performer for this episode was Tamta.
Tamta Goduadze, (; ) known simply as Tamta, is a Georgian pop singer, famous in Greece and Cyprus for her participation in Super Idol Greece, in which she placed second, and for her later singles such as "Ftes" (Faraway, originally performed by Gala), Agapw (Wanna Play originally performed by RBD), "Den Telionei Etsi I Agapi", "Agapise Me", and "Tonight".
The video earned Tamta and Rouvas a MAD Video Music Awards 2010 nomination for Best Duet or Collaboration Video, while also earning Tamta a further award for Female Artist of the Year, based on overall contributions to the music video artform throughout the year.
On November 28, 2008, the album was released in Greece. The Greek edition of the album contained a bonus track featuring Greek pop singer Tamta. The song is titled "Agapw Αγαπώ I Love", and serves as the Greeklish remix of "Wanna Play". Two months later, Tamta went and made a Greek version of RBD's signature song "Rebelde", and titled it "Pame Parea".
In June 2008, Tamta said in an interview that she would like to represent Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. Rumors also said that CYBC had been in contact with her since May. Greek media outlets also demanded that ERT choose Tamta to represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 following suspicions of favoritism from Eastern Bloc countries in 2008 where Kalomoira finished in 3rd place. The rumors did not materialize and ERT chose Sakis Rouvas for the 2009 Contest.
Based on the concept, for the majority Rouvas represents the dark and erotic side of the video, while Tamta the light and innocence. The video begins with the image of a man in shadows spinning on a chair and holding his head with his hand. It then forwards to a scene with Tamta, wearing leopard print lingerie, looking in a mirror and getting dressed, continuously alternating between these two scenes, while lights flash constantly. As the first verse begins, the shadowy figure is revealed to be Rouvas, with sweat dripping heavily down his face and an unidentified female hand touching him. A new scene is added with Tamta standing in front of a white background with the wind blowing, wearing various loose, flowy costumes, one of which is a Laskaris Haute Couture creation. The scenes constantly alternate between a single frame to a grid. Throughout the video Tamta wears five different costumes. It was also the first music video where Tamta can be seen with her new look.
In 2016, Nina Sublatti, one of two Georgian artists in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, was added to the show's judging panel, as well as Dato Porchkhidze, following the departure of Tamta in 2015.
Giorgos Papadopoulos is an active songwriter, having written songs for many popular Greek artists, including Helena Paparizou, Giorgos Mazonakis, Tamta, Kostas Martakis, Panos Kiamos, Kaiti Garbi, Melina Aslanidou and Notis Sfakianakis, among others.
"Super Idol 2004" is the debut single/EP by Stavros Konstantinou, the winner of "Super Idol", the Greek version of "Pop Idol". "Super Idol" runner up - Tamta duets on the song Το Άλλο Μου Μισό.
Before Eurovision, ERT put together a national final to pick the song and singer to represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. They picked Sarbel, Tamta, and Christos Dantis.
Bhankora or Bhonkara is Uttarakhand's famous native musical instrument.This is handmade in copper metal by local Tamta artisans of Uttarakhand traditionally. The size of Bhonkara varies from region to region.