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oksan              jukjeon              namcheon              ilsan              gwacheon              uiwang              geumjeong              cheonggyecheon              hwaseong              sincheon              cheongpung              geumcheon              taedong              dangsan              samseong              daecheon              hangang              gyeongju              oncheon              seogang              gwangan              giheung              namdong              gaeseong              miryang              seomjin              ansan              namyangju              seongnae              maeul              yeongcheon              jongno              suncheon              yongin              cheonggye              gangseo              deokcheon              pocheon              gyeyang              liantang              yeouido              seokchon              chuncheon              anyangcheon              busanjin              gunpo              banwol              namsan              pungdeokcheon              dongducheon             

Examples of "tancheon"
Tancheon Sports Complex () is a group of sports facilities in Seongnam, South Korea. Its name was Seongnam 2 Sports Complex but changed to Tancheon Sports Complex in January 2006, naming after Tancheon. The complex consists of the Tancheon Stadium, Tancheon Baseball Stadium and a Sports Club.
1-dong on the west side of Tancheon and 2-dong on the east side of Tancheon
The Pungdeokcheon, a tributary of the Tancheon, is a stream in Suji-gu in the city of Yongin, Gyeonggi-do. It joins the Tancheon from the west in Jukjeon.
The hospital is situated between Bulgoksan (a hill) and the Tancheon (a stream).
The stadium is nicknamed the "Tancheon Fortress" (Hangul: 탄천요새) reflecting Seongnam FC's strong home record in AFC Champions League.
Jukjeon-dong is a "dong" in Suji-gu of Yongin city. Jukjeon was divided into Jukjeon 1-dong and Jukjeon 2-dong on December 24, 2001, when Suji-"eup" was promoted into Suji-gu. Jukjeon borders Seongnam city to the north, Mohyeon-Myeon of Cheoin-gu to the east, and Giheung-gu to the south. Tancheon flows through the neighborhood, with west of the stream classified as Jukjeon 1-dong and the east of it classified as Jukjeon 2-dong. Jeongpyeongcheon, a stream, also flows into Tancheon at Jukjeon. Along the banks of Tancheon are small parks and paths for walkers and cyclists.
Along the approximately 25-kilometre stretch of the Tancheon that passes through Seongnam, there are five water parks open to the public. They are free of charge and popular with families with young children. The Tancheon water parks (탄천 물놀이장) are open every year from July 1 to August 31, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. At the parks there are changing rooms available as well as lots of chairs and picnic tables. They can be found at:
Suseo-dong is a ward of Gangnam-gu in Seoul, South Korea. The name, "Suseo" originated from the feature of Han River running through the western part of the region. Suseo-dong is also home to the Tancheon park.
The area is surrounded by Mt. Cheonggyesan and Geumtosan to the North and Mt. Barasan to the south, with "Unjungcheon" and Geumtocheon, tributaries of Tancheon, flowing through the center of the city.
One of the largest commercial districts in Bundang, Migeum has a variety of boutiques, Korean and Western restaurants, chicken-and-beer restaurants, karaoke places, Korean-style barbecues, hagwons and a 2001 Outlet department store. Tancheon stream is close by.
Taepyeong Station is a station on the Bundang Line between Gachon University and Moran Station. Located in central Seongnam, it is also in proximity of the Tancheon and Seoul Air Base.
Tancheon Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium built in 2002 and currently used mostly for football matches and has been the home stadium of Seongnam FC since 2005, replacing the club's previous home, the Seongnam Sports Complex.
The Tancheon has been known by many other names, such as Geomcheon (검천, 儉川), Heomcheon (험천, 險川), Meonae (머내), Cheonhocheon (천호천, 穿呼川), and Jancheon (잔천, 鵲川). The word Tancheon (탄천, 炭川) itself is composed of the Chinese characters for charcoal and stream, so a direct translation would be Charcoal Stream. In pure Korean it would be pronounced Sunnae (숯내->순내), another name for the stream that has gone by. The origins of this name can be found in Korean folklore, as is explained below.
Yangjaecheon is a stream that flows through the city of Seoul, South Korea. It runs through Gangnam (3 Districts), which is part of the southern half of the city. Yangjaecheon is a greenway stretching five and a half kilometres from Gwanaksan in Gyeonggi into Seoul through Seocho District, Gangnam District, Songpa District until it runs into the Tancheon.
As with the Subway Bundang Line, Tancheon is a strategic lifeline for commuters who work to Seoul. The bicycle path is linked with the Han river, and due to its connection with Seoul Airbase, it was designed to make jeeps and motorcycles accessible in the event of war.
Bundang High School is situated near the Tancheon tributary, in Sunae (neighborhood), Bundang (district), Seongnam (city), Gyeonggi (province), 330 meters southeast of Sunae Station on the Bundang Line (yellow line), and 500 meters west-southwest of Bundang Central Park. The school is 20 kilometers southeast of downtown Seoul.
The 2011 Korean FA Cup Final was a football match played on 15 October 2011 at Tancheon Sports Complex in Seongnam that decided the winner of the 2011 season of the Korean FA Cup. The 2011 final was the culmination of the 16th season of the tournament.
After the shocking defeat in 2004, Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma moved their home games to Tancheon Stadium and has been built a strong home record. By the end of their latest participation in 2015 AFC Champions League, they recorded 14 Wins, 4 Draws and 1 Lose out of 19 Games.
The Bundangcheon is a short stream in Bundang, South Korea. Its source is the reservoir in Yul-dong Park and it then runs through Central Park (Jungang Park), under the main road through Bundang, past Bundang Gu Office, to join the Tancheon.
Tancheon, a tributary of Seoul's Han River, is a stream beginning in the city of Yongin in Gyeonggi-do and flowing through Seongnam and then between the districts of Songpa-gu and Gangnam-gu in Seoul before entering flowing into the Han River. It has a total length of 35.6 kilometres.