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Examples of "tanguay"
Tanguay listed her occupation as Paper Carrier. Tanguay received 338 votes (0.69%) finishing sixth out of nine candidates in the riding won by Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe. Tanguay received 572 votes (1.2%) in the 2004 federal election.
"Genealogical Dictionary of Canadian Families, 1608-1890", Tanguay Collection
Georges Tanguay (2 June 1856 – 21 September 1913) was a Canadian politician.
Christian Tanguay (born August 4, 1962) is a retired Canadian ice hockey player.
Cyprien Tanguay (15 September 1819 – 28 April 1902) was a French Canadian priest and historian.
Heather Tanguay is a New Zealand politician. She was Mayor of Palmerston North from 2004 to 2007.
Marc Tanguay is a Canadian politician and a member of the National Assembly of Quebec for the LaFontaine electoral district.
Naylor became a member of the city council in 2001 and was elected Mayor in 2007, defeating incumbent Heather Tanguay.
Tanguay was born on November 21, 1979, in the town of Sainte-Justine, Quebec. His father worked with the family-owned transportation company, while his mother worked at a nearby school division. His younger brother, Maxime, is also a professional hockey player. Tanguay is distantly related to French-Canadian author, and fellow Sainte-Justine native, Roch Carrier.
Born in Quebec City, Quebec, the son of Georges Tanguay and Adeline Mathieu, Tanguay was elected without opposition to the Legislative Assembly of Quebec for the electoral district of Lac-Saint-Jean in 1900. A Liberal, he was re-elected in 1904 and did not run in 1908. He was briefly mayor of Quebec City from 12 January to 1 March 1906.
Tanguay and his wife Helene have three children daughter Maya and sons Blake and Samuel. The two volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society; in the 2010–11 season, he donated $200 for every assist he recorded. With 47 assists, the total reached $9,400; Tanguay established at the beginning of the season, however, that he would donate a minimum of $10,000.
Tanguay was said to have lost more than $2 million in the Wall Street crash of 1929. In the 1930s, Tanguay retired from show business. Cataracts caused her to lose her sight, but Sophie Tucker, a friend from vaudeville days, paid for the operation that restored her vision.
Tanguay grew up a fan of the Quebec Nordiques and frequently accompanied his grandfather to their games. Owing to the nature of the Battle of Quebec rivalry with the Canadiens that existed when he was growing up, Tanguay admitted unease at joining the Canadiens in 2008.
Eva Tanguay died in 1947, age 68, in Hollywood where she was interred in the Hollywood Memorial Park Cemetery, now Hollywood Forever Cemetery. In 1953 Mitzi Gaynor portrayed Eva Tanguay in a fictionalized version of her life in the Hollywood motion picture, "The I Don't Care Girl".
Though he was the team's second leading scorer, Tanguay continued to be the subject of trade talks throughout the season. Set to become a restricted free agent in July 2006, the Avalanche chose to trade his negotiating rights to the Calgary Flames at the 2006 NHL Entry Draft in exchange for defenceman Jordan Leopold and two second round draft picks. Tanguay felt that the team chose to trade him after he failed to live up to the team's expectations in the playoffs even though he continued to struggle with his knee injury. The Flames quickly signed Tanguay to a three-year contract worth US$15.75 million.
In Charles Walters's movie "The Belle of New York", Angela sings "I confess that I wanna care less than Eva Tanguay" (63:05 min).
Thérèse Tanguay-Dion, MSM (born 20 March 1927), popularly known as Maman Dion, is a Québécois television personality, and the mother of singer Céline Dion.
Eva Tanguay (August 1, 1878 – January 11, 1947) was a Canadian singer and entertainer who billed herself as "the girl who made vaudeville famous".
-"Tanguay was first announced when he was playing for the Colorado Avalanche but during the off season, Alex joined the Calgary Flames. With prototype photos shown of him in his Avalanche uniform, TMP managed to make that version the chase figure. Recently, someone had found a Flames Tanguay with the number 18 instead of 40. Alex never wore the number 18 but it is assumed that TMP made the applicator for the number 18 in case Alex managed to wear that number. So how that applicator was used and thus the #18 Tanguay was released into the market. It is still unknown as to how many made it out of the factory."
Among several of the free agent signings the Lightning made included defenseman Mattias Ohlund, goaltender Antero Niittymaki and left winger Alex Tanguay.