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As of 2010, the town of Tapilula had a population of 7,441. Other than the town of Tapilula, the municipality had 50 localities, the largest of which (with 2010 populations in parentheses) was: San Francisco Jaconá (1,323), classified as rural.
Tapilula is a town and one of the 119 Municipalities of Chiapas, in southern Mexico.
Aldama, Bochil, Chalchihuitán, Chapultenango, Chenalhó, Francisco León, Huitiupán, Ixhuatán, Jitotol, Larráinzar, Ocotepec, Pantelhó, Pantepec, Pueblo Nuevo Solistahuacán, Rayón, San Andrés Duraznal, San Juan Cancuc, Santiago el Pinar, Simojovel, Sitalá, Tapalapa and Tapilula.
Amatán, Chapultenango, El Bosque, Francisco León, Huitiupan, Ixhuatán, Ixtacomitán, Ixtapangajoya, Jitotol, Juárez, Ostuacán, Pantepec, Pichucalco, Pueblo Nuevo Solistahuacán, Rayón, Reforma, Simojovel, Solosuchiapa, Sunuapa, Tapilula and Tapalapa. It was at that time centred on the city of Pichucalco.
In 2005, Orantes López graduated from the Universidad Valle de Grijalva with an undergraduate law degree; that same year, he was elected municipal president of Tapilula, Chiapas, where he served two years. During 2006, he also served as a regional liaison in the PRI.
This group consists of 41,609 people, according to the 2000 census. They live mainly in the northerly sector of Chiapas state, principally in the "municipios" and towns of Amatán, Copainalá, Chapultenango, Francisco León, Ixhuatán, Ixtacomitán, Jitotol, Ocotepec, Ostuacán, Pantepec, Rayón, Totolapa, Tapilula, Tecpatán, Acala, Blanca rosa, and Ocozocoautla. They also live in the northern part of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, in the state of Oaxaca, including the Selva Zoque. Their language is also called Zoque, and has several branches and dialects. The Zoque are related to the Mixe.