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Examples of "tapparone"
subgenus "Phyllocoma" ("Phyllocoma") Tapparone Canefri, 1881
Cesare Maria Tapparone-Canefri (1838- 6 August 1891, Quattordio, Italy) was an Italian malacologist.
The whorls of "Amphidromus" are moderately convex and, with few exceptions, smooth or with only a faint sculpture of growth lines. At least four separate times, however, a sculpture of moderately heavy oblique radial ribs has appeared ("Amphidromus costifer" Smith from Binh Dinh Province in Vietnam, "Amphidromus begini" Morlet from Cambodia, "Amphidromus heccarii" Tapparone-Canefri from Celebes, and the "Amphidromus palaceus"-"Amphidromus winteri" complex from Java and Sumatra). Correlated with the ribbing is light, monochrome coloration, thin shell with large aperture, and flaring lip. Many solid shells show a slight roughening of the surface, but this is quite different from the ribbed sculpture mentioned above.
Generally the whorls increase rather regularly in size, but probably related species such as "Amphidromus sinistralis" (Reeve) and "Amphidromus heccarii" Tapparone-Canefri can have quite different degrees of whorl increment. No attempt has been made to express these differences meristically, since most of the available material was inadequate for statistical treatment (but see Haniel, 1921). Actual dimensions vary greatly both within and between species. Minimum adult size is about 21 mm high, the observed maximum about 75 mm. Only a few species, notably "Amphidromus maculiferus", "Amphidromus sinensis" and "Amphidromus entobaptus", seem to have a range in adult size of more than seven or eight millimeters.