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Examples of "tardivel"
Storyboards: Lavocat Cecile, Emilie Van Liemt, Jean-Pierre Tardivel
Pour la Patrie is a futuristic roman à clef written in the 1890s by Jules-Paul Tardivel.
Henri Julien – Jules-Paul Tardivel – Hubert Aquin – Gilles Vigneault – Gaston Miron – Michèle Lalonde – Jean Duceppe – Paul Piché – Claude Gauthier – Pierre Falardeau – Loco Locass
Jules-Paul Tardivel (2 September 1851 – 24 April 1905) was an American–Québécois writer and a significant promoter of Quebec nationalism.
Antoine Gérin-Lajoie, Philippe-Joseph Aubert de Gaspé, Louis Fréchette, Arthur Buies, William Kirby, Honoré Beaugrand, Laure Conan, Edith Maude Eaton, William Chapman, Jules-Paul Tardivel, Winnifred Eaton, Pamphile Lemay were some of the key writers in this era.
In 1989, Belmondo met , who was 24 at the time; they officially married in 2002. On 13 August 2003, his fourth child, Stella Eva Angelina, was born. He was 70 at the time. In 2008, Belmondo and Tardivel divorced.
Tardivel was born in Covington, Kentucky, and sent to Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, for his classical education in the French language. Despite learning French only in his late teens, he became a tireless promoter of French Quebec and detractor of anglicisms.
Another Sawyer hallmark is the mortally ill main character. Pierre Tardivel in "Frameshift" suffers from Huntington's disease, Thomas Jericho in "Calculating God" has lung cancer, and Jacob Sullivan in "Mindscan" has an arteriovenous malformation in his brain; one of the main characters in "Rollback" vividly suffers from that most fatal illness of all, old age.
Johnson's memoir was originally published in England in pamphlet form under the title "The Captive American" (Newcastle: M. Angus, 1797, and Air: Printed by J. and P. Wilson, 1802), as well as in Scotland under the original title (Glasgow: Printed by R. Chapman for Stewart & Meikle, 1797). It has since been reproduced numerous times in the United States and Britain. The narrative has also been translated into French and published in Quebec under the title "Récit d'une captive en Nouvelle-France, 1754–1760" (Sillery: Septentrion, 2003, trans. Louis Tardivel).
Sawyer features Canadian settings and concerns in his novels, all of which are issued by New York houses. His politics are often described as liberal by Canadian standards (although he contributed a story called "The Hand You're Dealt" to the Libertarian SF anthology "Free Space", and another called "The Right's Tough" to the Libertarian SF anthology "Visions of Liberty"). He holds citizenship in both Canada and the United States, and has been known to criticize the politics of both countries. He often has American characters visiting Canada (such as Karen Bessarian in "Mindscan" and Caitlin Decter in "Wake") or Canadian characters visiting the U.S. (such as Pierre Tardivel in "Frameshift" and Mary Vaughan in "Humans" and "Hybrids") as a way of comparing and contrasting the perceived values of the two countries.
During this whole period, Provancher maintained an overall anti-evolutionist (particularly anti-Lamarckian) stance; for example, he published several virulent attack on evolution from François-Xavier Burque. However, the naturalist still got into disagreements with the more extreme elements of Quebec ultramontanes over some theological points. A polemist at heart, he had a particularly violent dispute with journalist Jules-Paul Tardivel, in which he was defended by Burque, and his University and Archdiocese. In another instance, he called Lamarckism a theory "serving the self-pride of materialist French politicians, Bert, Hugo [probably referring to both Victor Hugo and his sons], Ferry, Goblet, and Clémenceau." He also launched a crusade in the journal's pages against another journal, the "Journal des Campagnes", an agricultural magazine published by the teachers at Collège de Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière over a perceived slight. This dispute degenerated to the point of involving MLAs, ministers, and finally the Archbishop of Quebec, who chastised both journal editors.