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lefteris              pantelis              alekos              sotiris              vasilis              panayiotis              stamatis              michalis              thanasis              constantinos              makis              vasileios              christoforos              vaggelis              stefanos              dimitriadis              lakis              thodoris              dionysis              yiannis              fanis              takis              mimis              sokratis              sofianidis              fotis              stelios              anestis              charalampos              diamantis              manolis              antonis              kyriakos              karafeskos              dionisis              alexandris              panagiotis              apostolos              theodoropoulos              papathanasiou              babis              efthimios              romanidis              chiotis              oikonomou              vassilis              filippos              vasilios              charalambos              spanoudakis             

Examples of "tasos"
Tasos's Date: Tasos arrived with a date card. Tasos pulled Michelle aside first and told him he should take Christy. Tasos told her how great of a guy Cody was. Tasos asked Christy on the date and Jesse wasn't happy because he doesn't want to leave Paradise. On the date, Tasos and Christy go swimming in a lazy river.
38. Einai gata o giatros (1986) (V) ... Tasos Hatzikostas
Tasos Neroutsos (1826–1892) was a Greek physician and scholar.
Tasos has received significant awards and prizes over the years.
In Greece, Tasos is represented by Kapopoulos FineArts.
Tasos Vidouris ( 1888-1967) was a Greek poet and author.
Tasos Vidouris published his main collection of poetry under the title "Ilissia" (). His poetic style follows
Tasos Zarkadas (; born 4 November 1994) is a Greek professional footballer, currently playing for Panargiakos F.C..
Anastasios "Tasos" Gousis (, born 7 July 1979) is a Greek sprint athlete.
Anastasios (Tasos) Nerantzis (; born 3 October 1944 in Nikaia, Attica) is a Greek attorney and politician.
Anastassios "Tasos" Mitropoulos () (born 23 August 1957) is a Greek politician and retired football midfielder.
Major research interests of Tasos Zembylas are epistemology of practice, Cultural Institutions Studies, and cultural policy.
Tasos Karakoutsis comes from Krya Vrysi, Pella, and has previously played in Paniliakos, Polykastro, Pierikos and Niki Volou.
Filmography: In 1981, director Tasos Psaras filmed "The Factory" (Greek : "Το Εργοστάσιο")(French : "L 'Ucine") in various places within Griva.
In September 2013 they found the "Hellenic Federation of Rugby League". Tasos Pantazidis was the first President.
Tasos Kostis (; born 14 January 1951) is a Greek actor. He appeared in more than sixty films since 1980.
Anastasios "Tasos" Papazoglou (; born 24 September 1988) is a Greek footballer who plays as a centre back for Panetolikos F.C..
Tasos Kyriakos (; born 14 August 1978) is a Greek football defender and midfielder. He currently plays for Apollon Larissa.
Tasos Zembylas (born 1962 in Cyprus) is a philosopher and social scientist with focus in aesthetics and cultural institution studies.
Tasos Pappas (born 1 September 1984) is a Greek footballer who last played for Aiolikos in the Gamma Ethniki.