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In December 2002, the Duhalde government passed a measure under which Tasselli, as owner of Metropolitano, was given 400,000 pesos a day in government subsidies while, according to widespread complaints, not investing any of that money in the railroad. Critics of his management of the railway assets have long objected to what they describe as a suspect relationship between Tasselli and the Minister of Planning and Public Investment, Julio De Vido. One point of contention was his dismissal of what was described as “the effective staff of former Ferrocarriles Argentinos,” which had provided the railway lines with maintenance and security, and hired in its place an allegedly less efficient company called Industrial Technical SA, which is owned by the Tasselli group. Moreover, Tasselli was accused of stealing machinery, tools, lathes, and other equipment from the railroads that ended up “as if by magic” at other Tasselli firms. “Tasselli would never have carried out such theft without the complicity of the government,” maintained IndyMedia.
In 2011 Tasselli began to run the dairy firm Gándara, an enterprise that ended in bankruptcy.
According to "La Nación", Tasselli built a group of businesses “practically from the ground up” with help from his political contacts, most of them members of the circle surrounding President Menem circle. He has been described as having built his empire by taking control of privatized companies and buying factories in auctions. According to "La Nación", Tasselli “became a specialist in closing deals with the state.” "Indymedia" describes Tasselli as having been a “front man” for Menem, benefiting from “all the government concessions” during Menem's presidency. “Because of subsidies received from the government,” Indymedia maintains, “Tasselli is the most powerful businessman in Argentina.”
On February 7, 2012, Wanzo filed with the Court of Appeals for recovery of assets that Tasselli had allegedly stolen from YCRT. Wanzo charged that Tasselli had “killed people with corruption” by “diverting subsidies provided to him by the State” to his own personal accounts. Wanzo stated that Tasselli had followed the same approach in Metropolitan, Rock-San Martin, Edecat SA, Parmalat SA, Acepar, and other companies under his control, taking money from government subsidies “at the cost of death and destruction of jobs.” In mid March 2014, at the request of prosecutor Federico Delgado, Torres summoned Tasselli for questioning on March 26, 2014.
In 2000 the union of Argentinian government workers, ATE, popularized a slogan: “Tasselli Out!”
Among the many firms run by Tasselli is the electrical firm Centrales Térmicas Patagónicas, which owns electrical generators in Puerto Madryn, Comodoro Rivadavia, and Pico Truncado, filed for reorganization in June 2009. At the time it was owned 17% by Sergio Tasselli, 17% by IATE (a firm owned by Tasselli and his brother Alberto), 17% by Luz y Fuerza, 25.88% by Chubut, 13.12% by the Argentinian government, and 10% by its employees.
During the 1990s and 2000s, Tasselli was the defendant in many court cases involving his mismanagement of the rail services.
In 1962 he opened a painting studio in via Pandolfini Florence with the painter Sauro Tasselli and Ennio Lovatti.
Tasselli was born on November 10, 1944. He was born in Italy and moved to Argentina as a small child.
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A lawyer for the miners' union, Safrani Bernardino, directly accused Kirchner and Tasselli of responsibility for the 14 miners' deaths. Bernardino said that the workers had died as a consequence of “apathy” on the part of Tasselli and others who had made them “work as if they were animals.”
When an explosion and collapse took place at one of the mines in 2004, killing 14 miners, Tasselli was accused of having caused it. Miners' union spokespeople attributed the mine disaster “directly to the lack of investment” in YCRT by Tasselli.
Tasselli was accused in 2013 of becoming involved in the steel mill Aceros del Paraguay (Acepar) in an illegal manner. According to a Paraguayan newspaper, since the Paraguayan government was the main shareholder of Aceros, and since the firm owed the government money, Tasselli could not legally become its majority shareholder, which he did, without paying the debt, which he did not.
It was reported on May 21, 2012, that Tasselli was “on the verge of a public trial for allegedly defrauding his own brother, Alberto Tasselli, of almost $2 million” and that the Court of Criminal Appeal had just rejected a request filed by Tasselli's lawyer, Mariano Di Meglio, to dismiss a March 8 decision to prosecute him for fraud. Tasselli was accused by his brother of “abusing his powers of attorney” in 1993 “to divert to his or others' advantage sums of money belonging to the company IATE SA” in a matter involving another firm, NEP SA.
Sergio Tasselli is an Italian-Argentinian businessman. He is the head of one of the largest business groups in Argentina and has been called “the most successful businessman of recent times” in that country.
The Tasselli group also ran the firm Altos Hornos de Zapla, which was privatized under Menem. Senator Gerardo Morales announced in January 2004 that the national government would cease dealings with the firm, citing an alleged breach of contract.
Cesare Facciani (5 February 1906 – 29 August 1938) was an Italian cyclist. He won the Gold Medal in Men's team pursuit in the 1928 Summer Olympics along with Giacomo Gaioni, Mario Lusiani and Luigi Tasselli.
Mario Lusiani (4 May 1903 – 3 September 1964) was an Italian cyclist. He won the gold medal in Men's team pursuit at the 1928 Summer Olympics along with Giacomo Gaioni, Cesare Facciani and Luigi Tasselli.
Giacomo Gaioni (26 April 1905 – 14 November 1988) was an Italian cyclist. He won the Gold Medal in Men's team pursuit in the 1928 Summer Olympics along with Cesare Facciani, Mario Lusiani and Luigi Tasselli.
Luigi Tasselli (20 October 1901 – 5 November 1971) was an Italian cyclist. He won the Gold Medal in Men's team pursuit in the 1928 Summer Olympics along with Giacomo Gaioni, Mario Lusiani, and Cesare Facciani.