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Alberto Tavazzi (1912–2006) was an Italian painter, art director and occasional actor.
From 1939 Tavazzi began working on the design and construction of film sets. He was a friend of the director Roberto Rossellini, who cast him in the title role as a Catholic Priest in his 1943 war film "The Man with a Cross". Tavazzi played a priest again in Rossellini's 1945 neorealist drama "Rome, Open City".
The Man with a Cross () is a 1943 Italian war film directed by Roberto Rossellini and starring Alberto Tavazzi, Roswita Schmidt and Attilio Dottesio. It was the final part of Rossellini's "Fascist trilogy" following "The White Ship" (1941) and "A Pilot Returns" (1942). It is loosely inspired by Reginaldo Giuliani, an Italian military chaplain who had been killed on active service.
The film was made at Cinecittà with location shooting in the countryside around Ladispoli standing in for the Eastern Front. Although the film incorporates elements of neorealism such as the use of amateur actors in some parts, stylistically it is closer to a more conventional war film. Rossellini cast his friend, the art director Alberto Tavazzi in the title role, while his girlfriend Roswita Schmidt played the female lead.